January 17th, 2005

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Poem for Monday

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It was a little chilly for Fort McHenry, so we took the kids to the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt. We hadn't been in a couple of years, and they have a new, fabulous exhibit on the Hubble Telescope (and the curator was well-informed about the state of necessary repairs and the target shuttle dates). They show Cosmic Voyage, which was originally made for an IMAX theater but looks pretty good on a standard auditorium screen on DVD; in this film, Morgan Freeman narrates what we'd see in increasing powers of ten out to the edge of the known universe and looking into a drop of water down to the level of quarks, and the kids were fascinated. They were also happy because we stopped at Best Buy to get them a new cable so they could link their Game Boys, and since we were already on Route 1 I asked to visit The Crystal Fox in Laurel, one of my favorite local metaphysical stores.

Came home and watched the Golden Globes. Had one of those shameful moments of Death By Orlando Bloom that I always deny happened afterward. *g* Was amusedly happy for William Shatner, absolutely thrilled for Anjelica Huston, delighted for Jamie Foxx, ambivalent about Glenn Close because although she was my favorite actress for years and she deserved more awards than she ever won, she didn't do a thing for me in The Lion in Winter (that's Katharine Hepburn's role, dammit), pleased for Leo, reasonably pleased for Annette Bening but thought she sounded terribly overrehearsed...well, these are the awards that can be bought, as Pia Zadora proved. For instance, I like both Clive Owen and Natalie Portman, but given the people they beat -- and the clip they showed for Closer was all the two of them, no sign of Julia or Jude in the film at all -- tell me the production company didn't offer the Hollywood Foreign Press Association amazing schwag. The Robin Williams tribute was the highlight of the show; he made some sort of joke about how having Shatner, Mick Jagger, P. Diddy and Prince on the same stage was a sign of the Apocalypse, and ended with a tribute to Christopher Reeve (his Juilliard classmate I believe) quoting Hamlet. Not a bad waste of a few hours while also reading and cleaning.

Schmoopiest fannish thought for the day: Kathy Mattea's "Ready for the Storm" is such an Aubrey/Maturin song. In other fannish news, oxoniensis made me very happy with screen caps from The West Wing's "Opposition Research" -- go look and admire the Josh/Matt love. And beckyo went and made me all sniffly and nostalgic about it being our anniversary. So in her honor, a couple of photos from our geeky space fan trip to Goddard.

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Happy Martin Luther King Day. Here's "I Have A Dream", posted last year.