January 18th, 2005

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Poem for Tuesday

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This morning there was snow on the ground! Just look at the piles we had on the deck as the sun was rising through the trees:

Okay, obviously it was not enough to sled in and not even enough to make a decent snowball with but it was snow and I get to gloat about it. It was much too chilly for Fort McHenry again, so that got put off until a different weekend entirely and instead we took the kids to see The Incredibles. It was as funny as I had heard, and a great movie to see with my kids, though my husband and I were whispering predictions about things to one another all through the movie and were right on all of them, particularly the two biggest factors in the villain's comeuppance. Pixar's animation is amazing; I am often somewhat bored visually during animated films, even very celebrated ones; either there's not quite enough going on to keep me focused visually, like Sponge Bob, or there's so much going on that I get a headache as has happened with several Asian-made films.

I had some niggling issues -- well, okay, some genuine irks -- with the characterizations of women, particularly wives, in the film. But I've gotten good at lowering my feminist annoyance to low simmer while watching most popular entertainment, unless it's something that really rubs me the wrong way like pretty much every character Billy Crystal has ever played. I have been thinking a lot, though, in the past few days, about how much I absolutely loved Kathryn Janeway when Voyager premiered, and what a monumental disappointment she and the other women on the show proved to be in the end, and how much I miss Deep Space Nine and Xena and La Femme Nikita, and wish Space: Above and Beyond had lasted longer, and wish Alias or Joan of Arcadia had done anything for me while I watched them. Much as I love C.J., The West Wing is still very male-heavy, and I really could not stand the new BSG and I forgot to watch Medium. Would most people here recommend Veronica Mars? Can I start in the middle?

And may I just mention how much I do not want to see Sideways, no matter how many awards it wins? I know I was dubious about Hotel Rwanda a few days ago, but even if that film turns out to be the most preachy, ham-handed portrayal of the situation in Africa (I still haven't seen it so I don't know), I'd rather see it winning all the awards than yet another male mid-life crisis story, no matter how good the acting is. I'm trying to decide whether I can sit through two boxing movies in a single year just to see Hilary Swank, since I don't care about Eastwood and I know I'm going to see Cinderella Man when it opens. My kids want to see Phantom again and maybe Coach Carter, I still haven't seen House of Flying Daggers or Closer, my parents insist that I should see Meet the Fockers (apparently this is a Jewish rite of passage)...Sideways is definitely on the DVD-if-ever list. Not wanking anyone who saw it and loved it, just saying it is so very much not my thing and I won't change my mind even if someone tells me the two guys are slashy as all get-out.

Speaking of slashy, today I created backups of both perfect_duet and slither_in at GreatestJournal, Perfect Duet and Slither In. If there is ever another catastrophic LiveJournal failure, this way anyone over there will be able to find Aubrey/Maturin and Lucius/Severus fans. Please feel free to join and feel free to crosspost there!

Tonight we watched the History Channel special on the French Revolution. It's fairly simplistic for anyone who's done much reading about the period, but it's a very well-produced documentary with dramatic enactments of some of the big events: the destruction of the Bastille, Louis XVI's beheading, Marat's killing, Robespierre's increasingly fanatical speeches. Versailles looks wonderful; so does Charlotte Corday, right out of a painting. There are a number of historians narrating while artwork and historical illustrations are presented, and the by-now-expected defense of too young, too uneducated Marie Antoinette who never said those terrible things attributed to her. If you're looking for a brief overview with numerous shots of rampaging mobs and bloody guillotine blades, this is well worth the two hours to watch; it's on again Tuesday at 1 a.m. and Saturday at 8 p.m.

I'm behind again -- again! -- but I got three articles written and Abe's of Maine has promised to send me a new battery charger, so I am counting Monday as reasonably successful. Oh, and GIP, because some Snape-Phantom crossover was just begging to happen, particularly since my older son has wanted to listen to the Broadway cast album repeatedly since seeing the movie.