January 20th, 2005

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Wednesday did not go as planned because by the time my younger son was at school, it was snowing. I called beeej and reluctantly told her that I thought I should postpone my pimping into Highlander fandom in case our county closed schools early; it did not, but our neighborhood was not plowed until after 4 p.m. so driving was a nightmare, and after watching cars skid in front of my house, I spent the entire day close to home with no Methos or Duncan to console me. The domestic excitement included walking in the snow to retrieve kids, getting hit by snowballs from said kids, howling and telling the kids to go sledding before it got dark because school would be predictably delayed the next day despite midterms this week (and it shall, in the morning).

Figuring I am on a roll with trying new things such as Veronica Mars, I watched Lost. Collapse ) Afterwards we watched The West Wing, not one of its better episodes, but still light years ahead of most of what's on television for both entertainment value and inspiring me to think. Even without getting to see my newfound Josh/Santos love, which along with Donna was missing for the entire episode, it left me feeling happy and energized and pissed as hell at the things not being done in the real world, but more on that later.

People in England who are fans of Star Trek and/or Dawson's Creek (I know you are reading this, you can't hide): Popbitch has cheap (£12.50) tickets to the new David Mamet play, A Life in The Theatre, starring Patrick Stewart and Joshua Jackson at Apollo Theatre; call 0870 890 1101 and say "Popbitch offer." Someone needs to go see this and report back to me, please.

And speaking of things fannish, David Yates...I know nothing about him. Recent interviews sound promising: he seems to be enthusiastic about Harry Potter, at least. But I read something terrifying in someone's journal, confirmed in an interview here, that David Thewlis had said he had a huge project in the works and might not be in the film of OOTP. Is this even POSSIBLE? Don't tell me they didn't make him sign an extension clause! If they make an OOTP with anyone else as Remus, my wrath will know no bounds. There shall be Cruciatus curses leveled at Warner Bros. and Imperius used on David himself. And I shall hiss at all the "Oh, but Jude Law/Ewan McGregor/Orlando Bloom should have played Lupin" fans forever. Collapse )

I do not want to think about the Bad Thing happening in my city tomorrow. If there were less snow and the kids had a full day of school, I would be thinking about going to the protest. Some unknown liberal group (I belong to several -- could have been Kerry campaign, ACLU, Billionaires for Bush, PFAW) -- left the greatest sales message ever on my answering machine: a fake recording of Bush thanking his fellow Americans and Jesus for giving him the divine right to do what he wishes and warning us not even to think about joining those anti-God activists who want to destroy America by insisting that we actually count the votes in Ohio, Nevada, Florida, etc. McPherson Square is sounding pretty good right now.

Snowy neighborhood scene at twilight today.