January 21st, 2005

little review

Poem for Friday

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Oh I'm glad this week is almost over. Thursday was one of those days where nothing really bad happened, but literally a hundred small annoyances and petty things occurred, and I spent much of it feeling cranky and tired and also ungrateful, considering that there are so many people who have genuine crises going on instead of this bullshit. I blame my mood in general on the inauguration, which I ignored entirely, having left my television off all day, and on the idiocy of the Montgomery County Public School System, which had sent out e-mail last night saying that if school was delayed this morning (as it was for two hours), the math midterms scheduled for today would all be delayed till Friday.

This morning at 8 -- AFTER all the kids from our side of the county in the magnet program were already in transit, and they spent two hours on the bus yesterday due to traffic problems from the snow -- they sent another e-mail saying that the exams would be given on schedule today. How fair is this to the kids? I sent e-mail to the principal, apaulled called the school, apparently we were not alone because the principal later sent out another rather pissy e-mail noting that the initial delay was for the convenience of the teachers, not the students, and the teachers had assured her that the students were ready so the parents should chill. Does this woman know what middle school students are like when you change their routine? We told ours to study for his social studies test in the morning because he wasn't going to have the math test...this is not a kid who deals well with changes of routine in general, let alone for his first middle school midterms. I was delighted to hear so many other parents had complained!

And then, because I was not stressing enough about the schools, we got e-mail from our younger son's school that their power was off! They managed to get it back on, but not before I had cancelled out on lunch with psu_jedi in case they closed the building and asked us to pick up our kids. This after he didn't leave the house till nearly eleven because of the delay, so I had pretty much no time to myself all day. On top of that I didn't get a package I expected and needed, my father is home feeling crappy and may need a stent after all, I didn't get to the store and get stuff we needed and...well, George Bush is president of the United States again. Yeah. How come I did not know about 10,000 Jesuses before today?

After the usual insanity of carpool-in-snow and getting one child to Hebrew school, the other to violin, my evening brain-clearing activity was watching Wimbledon with the commentary on. Why did no one here mention to me that Paul Bettany as well as director Richard Loncraine did the commentary track? It didn't even say so on the DVD case! Collapse )

While I'm borderline RPSing, Ted on the Golden Globe parties: "Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom were hubba he-man supreme, huddled away together at Miramax. Yes, they wanted to talk about the chicks, but, look, they did it in that totally too funny Hobbit-holding kinda way: all touchy-feely, girlish gossiping. Kate, did you teach Mr. B. such silliness?" This makes me giggle, particularly coming from Ted. (Sorry, ribby, I can't resist Orlando sometimes!) And on this cheerful note I am going to bed.

Looking up from the deck yesterday, the snow coming down and obscuring the trees.