January 27th, 2005

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Tuesday I had a cranky day, but Wednesday I got a reminder of why fandom is so wonderful. I spent several lovely hours with beeej and perkypaduan (both of whom I met because of slash, one here on LiveJournal and one in a parking lot at Best Buy discussing Highlander) watching Jason Isaacs and Lord Byron in that self-same TV show, as well as bloopers and the scene where Duncan comes home and finds Methos in his bed. *g* I have never actually watched a full episode of Highlander before today, though I had seen the movies...and I admit that during "The Lady and the Tiger" I was rather distracted by Jason being a bad boy, mmmm, not to mention Elizabeth Gracen, though the guys playing Byron and Shelley could not hold a candle to Duncan or Methos and I see why everyone says to start watching when Methos shows up. Now, I realize that I am the last slash fan in the world to stumble into this fandom, but I need someone to explain: does an immortal pick up memories as well as whatever sort of life force comes into him or her during a Quickening? In other words, if a certain poet had memories of shagging Methos, did Duncan get them? *g*

So I was all set to root wholeheartedly for the Patriots in the Superbowl. Then, today, my younger son came home from school all excited because a Philadelphia Eagles player who was going to play in the Superbowl had visited his class! Why? Because the player had attended the school, had had my son's teacher, and had gone on to the local high school -- my high school -- before playing at Michigan and then for the New York Giants until he joined the Eagles. How did I not know that Dhani Jones was from this area, let alone that he went to my high school? How can I not root for him?

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Okay, so this is pretty much all fangirlish babbling and does not even discuss my younger son's incisive analysis of the eighth Lemony Snicket book nor my older son's explication of Tennyson for reading class. Incidentally, I locked yesterday's post because it has a photo of my kids where they look a lot more recognizable on my laptop than I thought they did on my desktop screen. Sorry about that.

Further proof that Jack was on the deck.