February 1st, 2005

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Another whimsical poem. I am in a whimsical mood; I have had a somewhat crazed muse yakking in my head all day while I was trying to Get Stuff Done. Know what happens when you tell Lupin that you're not writing any plot for his little story? He makes up for it by talking nonstop about sex. While pondering bits and pieces, I also wrote "After" for the lupin100 life after death challenge, "Warping" for the snape100 "There is no spoon" challenge, and "Conjecture" for the snupin100 secrets challenge. My Sirius drabble fought with me so I put it on hold. I think he is really, really mad at me for not having written anything with him in it since the winter holidays.

Okay, so the end result of this insanity? Is that I am so far behind on my friends list that, even reading only my "people I actually know in real life and people whose fic I would absolutely die if I missed" filter (and if I left you a comment in the last 6 hours, you should feel very complimented because it means I either love you, love your writing or love something else about your journal that makes it irresistible), I spent two hours and hit -200 and just had to stop. So do me a favor: if you posted anything in a community, or something huge happened in your life, or you posted something you're proud of, or something that makes you squee, or something that makes you think of me for any reason? Please will you leave me a comment and link here? Because I am feeling paradoxically lonely with not being able to keep up.

Kids started school two hours late today, which necessitated cancelling and rescheduling my dentist appointment. By the time I got them organized and was done showering and writing news bullets, it was afternoon...then younger son came home, had a fight with older son about a trade they'd made where one gave up a stuffed animal and the other gave up some pretend camping equipment, there were meltdowns, there was confusion, there was a cat hiding in a plastic play tent chewing on an afghan my mother in law crocheted. In other words it was a really typical day around here in which nothing successful got done.

In the evening I subjected my family to "The Man Trap" -- the first-ever aired episode of Star Trek, since I am reviewing the original series for Trek Nation. There were snippets in there which I have never seen before in two dozen rerun viewings, which made me squee, but boy am I going to get hate mail when I start talking about the sexual politics on this show. *g* And after that, we all watched Digging Into History on the History Channel, which was about...Pompeii! Because one can never have enough Vesuvius eruptions in a week, I guess, and I now know far more about pyroplastic flow than I ever imagined. Also, I really want to go to the Bay of Naples.

Dog prints in the snow. Am pretending they belong to Moony and Padfoot, because I'm not really sure what wolf prints in the snow would look like.

Tomorrow in theory is catch-up-on-everything day...no wait, that was today. Well, tomorrow will be that plus all the new stuff that has to be done!