February 2nd, 2005

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Also, from my alma mater's school paper, The Daily Pennsylvanian, of which I was once feature editor: "An Ode to the Commode", because the poetry in this article made me howl.

Today I did lots of reading, a little article-writing, no arguing with parents because they are giving me the silent treatment, some contented but confused Veronica Mars watching, caught up to within 30 comments and wrote an entire fic because I had a relentless narrator in my head. This one is getting non-domestically betaed, as the characterization is walking a much finer line; you might get to see it tomorrow night, after my decadent morning of Highlander with beeej and my busy afternoon of trying to do all the work I won't get done in the morning. And after Smallville and The West Wing, of course, because I must have my Josh Lyman fix. In the meantime I would like to express my adoration of sheafrotherdon (and her Remus and Sirius), lore and cordelia_v, whom I blame for the most garrulous Remus who chatted at me earlier.

I've forgotten from whom I nicked this meme, and I did it several days ago, but I had snow pictures to post so I postponed it. The idea is that you answer the survey questions, then put your answers into Google's image search and post the best results from the first page of returns for each. In other words, I took none of these photos. Some of them made me grin enormously. Collapse )

Happy Groundhog Day, happy Imbolc, happy Candlemas, happy Mardi Gras.