February 8th, 2005

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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What I did all of today when I was not transcribing a long Manny Coto interview for an article at TrekToday, doing stuff with my kids or watching Digging Into History raid the Lost Ark on the History Channel is posted in the entry below this one. I suppose I should feel accomplished. Instead I feel like I never want to write any fan fiction again that's more than 500 word crack!fic. The fiction I've sold professionally hasn't taken as much work as fan fiction in series. Must reassess the payoff in pleasure.

On the other hand, the person I've gotten for my remix assignment has absolutely thrilled me...ironically, all the more so because I had never read anything by her or heard of her before, yet we have three fandoms in common and she has written some absolutely wonderful stuff. I am very excited and just a teeny bit nervous that perhaps I knew her once under another name, because it seems like we should have bumped into one another.

I'm three days behind on my friends list and way behind on e-mail and comments. Apologies. Will try to be more coherent in the morning. Meanwhile: office_ennui! My mail bounced back at this late date! But I got it days ago, and am thoroughly enjoying it, and we must see one another in the flesh very soon!

Shell in snow, Great Falls. Made me think of oysters and pearls.