February 16th, 2005

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Poem for Wednesday

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I thought about looking for something Lupercalia-themed but I think I prefer Bosselaar here. Not the porn you were looking for, I know. I have deep and grave ambivalence about some festivals -- it's one thing to choose, another to know that people were forced to celebrate in certain cultures, at least for me. Am having an urge to reread one of the best novels I've ever read, The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon, as a result of having watched a History Channel thing on the Inquisition in Portugal where it was so much worse in some ways than in Spain.

MY MEMORIES ARE BACK! WHOOOO! I was pretty scared for awhile there. Still haven't read the hp_valentine drabbles because I was possessed by a certain someone (*peers at Lupin icon and wonders why he looks so innocent*) and had three articles to write.

I know there are Babylon 5 fans reading this who think JMS is god's gift to genre television, so could you do me a favor and look away for a moment? SHEESH that man is arrogant and I am so relieved Paramount wouldn't talk to him about letting him take over Star Trek! Anyone who has read my reviews for any time knows that I am only a lukewarm fan of Berman, not at all a fan of Braga, a hater of Biller, ambivalent about Coto and not particularly nostalgic for Moore, but overall I think DS9 did twice as many brilliant episodes as B5 did and Berman oversaw the vast majority of Star Trek episodes I'd label brilliant...not Roddenberry, whose name JMS keeps loftily raising in the posts linked here. First he tells fans to go lobby Paramount to put him in charge of Star Trek which he claims they won't do because of an evil monopoly headed by Berman, then just as quickly he takes it back and says oops, actually Paramount's not looking to revive the series right now even with my Ingenious Five Year Plan (TM) and besides I have other work to do, nyah. I couldn't sit through most of the first and fifth seasons of B5 (and I DON'T blame Locksley, I liked her), and even its best episodes had some atrocious dialogue and hit-over-the-head clunky political wankery. Criticize Trek, fine, but stop praising your own "track record" like you'd be a great bet for the franchise. It would so serve you right if Paramount refused to talk to you after this attempt to sic the fans on them, or if Ron Moore beat you at your own game and got more people to call and harrass them.

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I'm trying to think if I have anything important to report from today. Stayed in bed late because I had cats on either side of me and it was kind of comfortable and lazy. Did laundry, ate waaaay too much Valentine candy, updated my fic site, read some Hornblower (was ambivalent about Mr Midshipman but am absolutely loving Lieutenant -- where is the Bush fic?), drove kids' carpools, watched Veronica Mars which I continue to adore even though I have some trouble following the overall arc because I've missed so many episodes; the show does an amazing job of balancing self-contained episodes with the serial story, I just admire that so much, and the girls and women on the show are complicated and interesting. And tomorrow I get to see When Duncan Met Methos!

Sheet ice, fallen snow, rushing river: water everywhere at Great Falls.