February 20th, 2005

little review

Poem for Sunday

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I'm not at my sister's house, because of the weather forecast. I refuse to try to drive over New York and Delaware bridges and on the New Jersey Turnpike in snow or freezing rain, and apaulled was already anticipating potentially unpleasant traffic on Monday getting home because of the holiday, and given that my sister's family is leaving town to go to Florida either Sunday night or early Monday morning so we were barely going to have one full day with them anyway, we've decided to put it off. Two of my nieces are performing in a production of Peter Pan (one is playing Tiger Lily, the other is playing the Crocodile) in a couple of weeks so we may go up then, though my parents may also go up which could make things quite crowded!

Since we did not go to New York today, we ran out on a couple of shopping missions (picture frames, chips) and spent most of the afternoon at Wheaton Regional Park, which encompasses both Brookside Gardens and Brookside Nature Center, the latter of which was having a maple sugaring festival today. There is a pioneer homestead behind the nature center itself, where there are the usual snakes, turtles, toads, bees, etc., and they were cooking pancakes on a griddle over a fireplace in one of the cabins while outside the sap was being boiled to make syrup, of which there were samples. We stayed close to the fire for awhile because it was so cold, then walked over to the greenhouse, where azaleas we won't see for months are already in glorious bloom, along with numerous other, more exotic flowers and a display of sculpture by local artists. Since we were quite warm from the greenhouse, we walked around the grounds (the same place we saw the Garden of Lights near the holidays), watched the geese walk on the ice over the pond, saw numerous robins (take that groundhog) and looked at the new memorial for the sniper victims from two years ago. To make up for having been deprived of a meal with my sister's family, we used the gift card we got for the holidays from relatives and went to Red Lobster, where I devoured coconut shrimp and Cajun salmon.

I came home to piles of mail from TrekUnited members -- the group that's trying to raise money to buy a fifth season of Enterprise for $36 million. Apparently the fact that I said StarTrek.com had "warned" against giving money to unofficial groups, rather than "advised using caution," had one of their admins very upset, and he recommended on their bulletin board that people "send polite messages" to set me straight, saying that "it's easy for these people to bash us" and declaring that he was sure I didn't understand what I was saying. (They also had their lawyer throw around the word "libelous" in a note about how we really should take that warning off in the name of fan solidarity.) Need I tell you what "polite" means to rabid fans? I have locked a couple of entries in this journal because I don't know everyone who reads it and I'm actually a little scared of some of these people. They may be the best-connected and wealthiest fans in the world, but if their "Forum Admin & Creative Coordinator" is going to encourage fans to harrass people if they fail to sing the praises of their efforts without expressing any concerns, I don't see why anyone should trust them with money. If it's part of Trek ideology now to use intimidation tactics against other fans in the name of saving the show, Roddenberry must be rolling in his grave.

Two visuals I had to share: subliculous' version of the shower scene from Psycho, and the greatest icon I have seen in months, property of kijikun who credits biichan for it. Thank you both for making me howl!

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