February 24th, 2005

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Still not really well so please forgive lack of responses and blathering. Felt fine this morning while driving to beeej's and enjoying "Methos shows up, declares his love and rescues Duncan"...um, I mean "Deliverance," plus "The Samurai" and "Studies in Light," and I am definitely a Duncan slut because I didn't miss Methos at all in the latter two. (Though beeej conveniently provided me with Peter Wingfield softcore porn which I had to share with my husband between West Wing and now, heh, and my god that man's body when he takes his clothes off...! But I got clobbered with a migraine this afternoon which is hanging on tenaciously; am blaming the time of month, and it better be gone in the morning since Thursday is always my early sucky morning. My throat is still not a hundred percent, my head is pounding and in general I feel like a whiny bitch. (perkypaduan had an even worse day, being unable to join us on account of having had her wallet stolen, which sucks immensely!)

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Lana" on Smallville did not do a lot for me despite Michael Rosenbaum and Jensen Ackles in various states of torn shirts; I like Lana better possessed by evil witches than as herself, but I like her even better not there at all, which I feel guilty about because I really want to like the women on the show...I just don't, most of the time. The West Wing however brought me to tears twice and gave me two revelations, one CJ/Toby moment and one Matt/Josh moment, Collapse ) And I would be more articulate about all of this if I did not have a murderous splitting headache, I swear.

Have been corresponding with my older son's teachers about his work and think we have to consider going back to the doctors to talk about going back on meds for ADHD, which bothers me more than it should -- last time I convinced myself that what mattered was his overall physical and mental health and educational and social life, which I need to do again, but I am so sick and tired of chemicals being prescribed as the solution for fully half the boys we know, whether their issues have to do with mood, learning, social problems, temper, study habits...how did my generation survive, anyway, without all these drugs? Are there more of us in institutions now because they didn't have all these magic pills? I don't know actual statistics, but my gut instinct is that there is too much being prescribed too readily for too many kids. How one determines whether one's own child is one of the too many, though, is really tricky.

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Collapse ) We are supposed to get a significant amount of snow tomorrow, possibly starting by the morning rush hour so school could be delayed, closed early or cancelled; they're saying 6-8 inches could fall by tomorrow night. I will attempt to catch up then, particularly if I am stuck in the house.