February 25th, 2005

little review

Poem for Friday

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Better tonight -- the storm came through, my head cleared, and if I have managed not to have a headache after being stuck in the house all day with my beloved sons and their friends who came over to play, that is really saying something. *g* Despite my resistance to overmedicating, I took Excedrin PM last night and slept like a rock...till 9 this morning, when I woke in a panic as Thursday is supposed to be my husband's early day and I have to get the kids to school. I came downstairs to find snow covering the van, the kids peacefully watching the new Pokemon movie that came out on DVD last week and school cancelled. Things were so peaceful that I even got to fight with AOL for two hours about my inability to download McAfee's firewall (an issue still not resolved, grr, and my free trial that came with my computer is about to expire).

I finished a draft of my pervy_werewolf fic which is absolutely meritless porn and I am hoping that is what my recipient wants, decided I really need to redo part of my Remix fic -- it's a fandom I have never written in before though I am very familiar with it, a very short story but an absolutely brilliant concept, but I think I need to review some episodes! I am afraid of changing too much, saying too much and mucking it up, but the minute I read it I said, "THIS is the fic I want to do," even though she's written several in fandoms with which I am much more intimately familiar. And I don't know her at all, which scares me as well.

So since TWW last night, I am totally craving Josh/Donna/Matt fic. Is there any? Will someone write me some? *doe eyes* Can I trade you something? You can have Matt's wife in there too, that would be perfectly fine with me. Or Sam. Or, um, Toby. Or just Josh/Matt, or Josh/Matt/Matt's wife with the assumption that Josh is consciously blocking Donna out (I forgot to squee about The Closet in my post yesterday! Eeee!) I'm feeling quite flexible, but I must have some Matt Santos porn. What can I offer?

Anyway, my day was uneventful: writing articles around making lunch for kids, bundling to go out in snow, un-bundling and hanging up wet clothes after coming in from snow, taking some photos but really not many because the snow was falling so hard all day that I was afraid of the camera getting too wet and damaged, watching the Highlander pilot which I borrowed from the delectable beeej, going through another book's worth of O'Brian quotes, making semi-porny new Alan Rickman in Mesmer icon. Had a brief incident involving cat paws, snow, and the most pathetic mewling and glaring imaginable -- I'd hope she had learned her lesson but do cats ever really learn lessons? *g*

Oh. Almost forgot. I may, heh, be on All Things Considered on NPR tomorrow. They're doing a thing on Enterprise's cancellation and...heh. Um, if anyone in the DC area knows when it's on, will you tell me? Many thanks!

To go with the flower photos from yesterday...look, my daffodils! Yes, that's right, the daffodils in my front yard as they looked this morning. Erm. Will they ever bloom now?