February 26th, 2005

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Poem for Saturday

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My kids had no school again today, my editor is on vacation, so of course Star Trek news hit the fan all over. Just trying to cover the rallies alone required reading numerous articles. I did not even manage to figure out why Firefox won't let me listen here to see if I'd made a complete fool of myself. Has anyone out there got capture software by any chance that can download All Things Considered from the site instead of my having to stream it, by any chance? I would be enormously grateful.

And speaking of Trek, here is my negative-bordering-on-scathing "Divergence" review. It's almost too bad that last week's episode was so thoroughly enjoyable on every level, because the sequel was bound to be a letdown, but really there is no excuse for utterly ridiculous science and for gratuitous nonsensical cloak-and-dagger crap! I am feeling terribly deflated, not in the mood for covering the ways in which fans can spend their money to try to save the show. While writing the review roundup today I noted that one reviewer had admitted to being uncomfortable with the extent to which Enterprise is the fanboy show this season, and I know what he means: I can tell original Trekkies lots of good reasons to watch it, but new audiences, not so much.

To get the kids out of the house today, we picked up apaulled and went out for Indian food for lunch. Everyone ate very well. Then we had dinner at my parents, Mexican food, and everyone ate very well again! Snow days are obviously not good for my waistline. In between I actually succeeded in making them do some homework and practice the violin, and then as a reward we all sat down and watched Highlander together -- "The Lady and the Tiger," because they like Jason Isaacs nearly as much as I do, though for completely different reasons (they seem to be under the impression that he might be a tough guy or something and don't seem to notice his exceptional hotness at all). My older son liked Amanda, too, but ironically their favorite character seems to be Richie. Which I suppose is why he's on the show.

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thefridayfive: Has had way too many surveys about death and dying in the past several weeks for my taste. No, I don't want to know when I am going to die, and yes, I have many goals I have not yet accomplished, as I said last time around...and that's enough said.

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