February 28th, 2005

little review

Poem for Monday

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The late news is at this moment threatening me with seven inches of snow by morning so forgive me if I am distracted. We had an unenthralling Sunday: older son had Hebrew school, then a meeting with his science group from school, so while apaulled took him to that, I took younger son to Toys R Us to get the Series of Unfortunate Events card game and to the food store to get Absolute Necessities in case of blizzard (I laugh at the radio when they start putting out warnings, then realize that I really would rather face the crowds than face a week without toilet paper in case of absolute disaster). Incidentally, LOTR fans, TRU had the "There And Back Again" Hobbit action figure set for $6! I am so glad I didn't buy it when it was $30, and I am so happy to have it!

So as blah as I felt last year after the ROTK sweep of the Academy Awards last year, which left M&C out entirely, I am even more blah this year. Collapse ) I would like to note in public however that I did not suffer Death By Orlando Bloom...I think because he looked so utterly terrified. I might have suffered a little teeny Death By Antonio but whenever I remember who he's married to, I get over that!

From ozfille, a quiz, and isn't this interesting -- I'm more Green than Democrat, nearly as anarchist, and I wonder what I said that made me even 17% fascist. Collapse ) Also, Kim Schultz has a hot new Gerard Butler drawing on her homepage.

Geese on the ice at Wheaton Regional Park last weekend. The stones in the background are the monument to the victims of the sniper who terrorized the area in 2002, shooting among others a high school student and keeping my kids' school on lockdown for several weeks.