March 1st, 2005

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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It snowed AGAIN! My kids were home AGAIN! That's five straight days they've had off; I should have taken them to see the beach in the snow or something. And we're supposed to get another two inches overnight, and the county-wide test of the schools is supposed to start tomorrow (you know, those idiotic tests they spend all year teaching for -- the test, not the education). Sigh. We painted model dragons and played Pokemon Master Trainer (well, some of us played and I watched) and I cleaned the stove -- let that tell you how desperate I become, stuck in the house.

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bronzelionel and rose_whispers, your journals were in read-only mode for-effing-ever tonight, so I will say here: re: Tennyson: In that particular era I'm inclined to say unfortunately no, probably unthinkable (even more so for Tennyson than Aubrey/Maturin despite the sodomy laws at sea, I suspect) -- wouldn't mind at all if you could prove me wrong though. And good luck, will miss you, hurry back!

And gblvr: I may have to call you if the county delays school opening. Would half an hour later work?