March 8th, 2005

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Poem for Tuesday

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I have an urgent need to talk to someone who is an Anya fan. Someone who can explain to me why when Buffy stabbed her in "Selfless," she didn't die because it's not that easy to kill a vengeance demon, but...well, what happened to her in the finale then happened. And really I need as much backstory on vengeance demons as anyone gleaned from the show. They have souls, right? Please, if you are a Buffy fan with an interest in Anya who can talk "The Wish" through season seven fluently, leave me a comment!

Had an uneventful Monday, got some work done around the house, went for a long walk with my kids on scooters because it was so gorgeous outside (later in the week they are threatening us with more snow!) My parents stopped by to deliver a used computer that they had picked up from my uncle for one of my kids, which he had said we could have because it was old. I thought he meant old-old. It's got six USB ports, a DVD player, a CD burner and plenty of memory -- we are all very excited, especially the boy who just got a digital camera as he can now have Photoshop on a computer in his room to fiddle with things.

So earlier I put on the DVD of Truly Madly Deeply (still being in obsessive Rickman mode) intending only to watch the interview with director Anthony Minghella, in which I had heard he said really interesting things about how audiences had responded to the film -- and he did, particularly about the scene where Nina goes completely to pieces in the therapist's office. So then I had to go watch that scene again, and I was a basket case. So then I had to go watch "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)" and...well, I watched pretty much all of the film that was about Jamie and Nina. I might have to go rent everything Juliet Stevenson has ever done after I finish with the Rickman oeuvre.

The wonderful obeythebunny, who betaed my pervy_werewolf fic, wrote me Snupin chocolate porn, "Melt"! Reading this while eating Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies is my idea of heaven.

In other news, every single story I read today in several different fandoms made me want to scream and tear my hair out, because my Remix fic is so utterly stuck. So tomorrow shall be No Fic Day. (Watch -- now that I said that, I will read the best story of my life tomorrow, or spend all day writing or something.) I haven't really read my flist in a week and a half, just the people I know in real life, and I am so behind on fic communities...I really cannot take fandom right now, at least certain aspects. I have watched wank in one corner of HP rise to insane proportions, and I keep hearing about wank in fandoms in which I am no longer even active; it has been easier to keep my head in the sand and try to write what I need to write. I am never going to catch up so please talk to me here, as I am feeling lonely, which is my own stupid fault for not having my shit together.

Work for today was Jolene Blalock declaring that the Enterprise finale is "appalling" and the discovery that the web episodes of Star Trek: New Voyages may film ten minutes from where I live. Must investigate that further. And must get to bed!

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little review

Notes on '21'

Last one. Sequel to this post about my favorite moments from Blue at the Mizzen, with the rest to be found filed under "O'Brian". These quotes are from the unfinished and unnamed twenty-first book, which I read in the collected edition, so all page numbers are from Norton's The Complete Aubrey/Maturin Novels, Volume V.

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"Quietly indeed they sailed along, with gentle breezes that wafted them generally northwards at something in the nature of five miles an hour, northwards to even warmer seas...these long sunny days with a soldier's wind seemed to many the ideal of a seaman's life - regular, steady, traditional meals with the exact allowance of grog; hornpipes in the last dogwatch, the deep melody of the Doctor's 'cello from the cabin and the cheerful sound of the gunroom's dinner; the future lost in a haze somewhere north of the equator. So the golden days went by."

I am so terribly sad to be at an end with O'Brian (again) that I may just have to start reading Master and Commander over from the beginning. Should I at least finish the Hornblower books first?

In other news, it's snowing quite hard at the moment and the wind is blowing, so there are these great swirls of white outside my window and I can't see more than a few feet. It's glorious but I am glad to be indoors!