March 9th, 2005

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Poem for Wednesday

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After temperatures in the 60s Monday, we had snow all morning Tuesday. And I mean heavy snow, blowing so hard you couldn't see ten feet in front of you...enough snow that I put off a lunch date from today till Friday, and stayed in the house in my sweatclothes and never showered. At least I am not in Seattle, though, since it sounds like Mount St. Helens is spewing again! I feel very decadent, though I did write three articles and a bit of a fourth and I edited some old fic and started some new fic and really did a lot of brain work for a lazy day. Today I learned that Brent Spiner will be starring in the new CBS pilot that Brannon Braga is co-producing (entitled "Threshold" -- no relation to the worst Voyager episode ever, Braga promises). Guess that by shipping him off to CBS, UPN doesn't have to deal with the sexual harrassment lawsuit...oops I did not say that. Um, if Enterprise comes back, I expect no Braga at all, which can only be a good thing at this point!

I did watch Veronica Mars, thought at first it was a new episode, realized it had to be a rerun, discovered that I have absolutely no sense of what happened when on that series because I've watched it so chaotically. I can always follow the weekly investigation storyline but the overall arc is getting lost entirely! Does anyone have any good web links for following that show?

I wish I had strong feelings about the Half-Blood Prince covers. But I can't really gather any information from them, other than that Dumbledore is in the book and Harry is still taking Potions, which I kind of suspected would be the case. And Harry might need a haircut, but that might be artistic license. I can't decide whether I am excited about or dreading the book: I am kind of fond of my imaginary projected version of that universe as it is right now, and a couple of character deaths could destroy that completely. Anyone else ambivalent?

Icicles forming on the house (and the trees, in reflection) as the early snow melted in the sun.

This may be my last Highlander Wednesday for a very long time as beeej is going to have a new, improved work schedule that precludes it. Sigh! We will have to go back to going out to lunch and squeeing quietly in public! Also, it's my mother's birthday, so we are having dinner en famille. Wish me luck!