March 10th, 2005

little review

Poem for Thursday

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That poem is because I basically had the same conversation with my son at bedtime, except his version involved Pokemon and there were interjections like "IT'S AFTER NINE THIRTY! GO TO BED!" We had arrived home early from celebrating my mother's birthday because he remembered that tonight, they were rerunning the Smallville episode with that Jimmy Eat World song he loves ("Takes My Pain Away"?) during the prison riot scene and he wanted to see it again. I wanted to watch the episode again for the hug! beeej showed us a bit of the producers' commentary from the Smallville DVDs earlier, in which they noted that, yeah, Mr. Luthor really did seem to be checking out Mr. Kent, and gee, they can't imagine where people are picking up subtext from. Hee, for this alone I can sit through all the Lana they want to throw at us.

This week's Highlander pimping included "The Messenger" (in which Duncan, Richie, Methos and False Methos argue philosophy), "The Valkyrie" (in which Duncan, Methos and Ingrid who may be my new favorite female immortal argue ethics), and "Till Death" (in which Duncan and Methos are even more married than the immortal couple whose marriage they are trying to save). Collapse ) beeej is not going to be able to telecommute on Wednesdays anymore due to her work schedule and I am so sad -- there is nothing like watching a new show with people who are already fans! I am going to make perkypaduan come over and watch with me and then we can meet beeej for power lunches at restaurants and squee quietly.

I know a lot of people have all kinds of issues with The West Wing this season but I must confess that the Santos campaign is one of my favorite things this series has ever done, and I might even feel that way without the Josh/Matt love story for the ages. Collapse ) And I really like the Helen and Matt Santos marriage, the push-pull and the give and take there, too. So I am a happy 1600 Pennsylvania camper this week.

And after everything fandom has done for me... Collapse )

The rest of my news for the day is that I didn't finish my news (hour-long interviews from laced with fuzzy electronic sounds take longer to transcribe than my ears can handle in a single sitting), and my mother appeared to like her presents though my father seemed to feel that perhaps we were not making a big enough deal out of her birthday...he stood behind my husband and attempted to stage manage the serving of dessert, etc., when he could have opened a drawer and gotten a knife for the ice cream cake just as easily. It was rather amusing to watch, since I refused to take any bait. (They are so lucky to have my husband anyway, as I am sure I would have made far less of a big deal, but he burned my mother some CDs and made sure the kids finished their cards and such!) Dinner was good though lunch was better, since beeej made us little crab pie hors d'oeuvres, and we have raspberry hamantaschen from Hebrew school so I am once again eating far too well!

My kids painted glass serving bowls for my mother for her birthday. Aren't the colors pretty?

Speaking of food, I am meeting an out-of-town friend who's in the army for lunch. I haven't seen her since last year at this time and am very excited!