March 11th, 2005

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Poem for Friday

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Happy belated Remus' birthday, by the way. I am so traumatized that he's a Pisces I don't quite know what to do. Re: fan fiction appreciation week: you know if I appreciate you, because I've left you feedback. I am not going to try to limit myself to five people, nor try to name everyone I love and risk leaving people out. I appreciate the fact that people write fan fiction, even if it's not my perfect pairing or fandom or just not the quirk or style I would necessarily have picked, myself; I appreciate the effort, the fact that you share it, the community. Thank you all so very much.

apaulled and I went to Virginia at lunchtime to see an old friend in town for an army conference. I only get to see her once a year if I'm lucky so having her here was an unexpected delight! We went to the Indian restaurant beeej introduced me to, and after apaulled had to get back to work, she and I sat and yakked for an hour. This was also the first day of our new Thursday carpooling schedule, with younger son having violin while older son taking the late bus home from school after the math group (he did switch Hebrew school days till Tuesday and was allowed to keep the Judaic Studies teacher he likes, with a warning from the principal that there are several kids in that class who are disciplinary problems and he must be a model of good behavior). Seems to be working so far.

News today was the hilarious John Billingsley interview at in which he talks about winning a costume contest as Phlox in bondage (link here), the possible Trek XI movie writer who doesn't sound like he knows crap about Star Trek, and Walter Koenig playing Chekov in the internet Star Trek: New Voyages series. If Paramount has not tried to shut these down, I would say that fan fiction is extremely safe from their lawyers. Tonight I discovered the danger of having Highlander DVDs in my house; my kids discovered them, and we all ended up watching the Horseman episodes after dinner. They were quite horrified with Methos and my younger son found Kronos absolutely terrifying (at one point he was hiding under his afghan), but they loved the episodes and had a whole discussion about where they think immortals come from. I also showed them the Eiffel Tower quickening from the end of "Finale II" because I knew they would love that. I can't remember whether there were things in that episode that I thought might be a little much for them -- must watch it again and find out, what a sacrifice.

Seen at the Montrose Road-Rockville Pike intersection, snapped through the car window, because the little TV in the back amused me. Sorry about the wire in the way.