March 14th, 2005

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Poem for Monday

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Sunday, as has become usual these past few weeks, we took older son to Hebrew school, then to meet with his science group at the home of one of the kids in Silver Spring (most of the kids are from nearer to the middle school than we are so the meetings are always out there). The kids took turns presenting their science fair project, which is actually quite a wonderful invention that they are patenting and I am not sure I should talk about it in public until the paperwork is finished! The presentations left something to be desired in terms of focusing on the audience, not fidgeting and all those good things, but that will probably come with practice. Tomorrow for reading class each student is supposed to dress up like the person of whom he or she read a biography for a class assignment and perform a monologue in character as that person, and my son is doing Steven Spielberg. It did not occur to me until he started talking about Spielberg and Amy Irving and Kate Capshaw and George Lucas how much this has in common with RPF. *g* At least he picked someone whose preferred clothes we can imitate fairly easily (checkered shirt, glasses, baseball cap, ancient Super 8 camera) and not Julius Caesar or Elizabeth I.

heidi8 and I are all a-squee because Penn has received a #13 ranking in the NCAA tournament, though they must beat Boston College to advance. My in-laws will undoubtedly be miffed that UConn is not a top seed, neither the men nor the women, but I cannot sympathize, as Maryland blew it in the ACC championship and is only going to the NIT. Hopefully seleneheart will not rub in the fact that Duke got a top ranking and the Terps blew their chance at the big show, since of course I will root for Duke over NC if it comes to that. I do wonder, though: if Duke wins the NCAA, and Maryland wins the NIT, does that mean that Maryland is really the best team, since they beat Duke twice this year? *g* At least Georgetown isn't in the big tournament either -- my father went to law school there and, having grown up in the DC area, I dislike them on principle.

So is anyone else having a problem loading their own userpic and others' on their friends pages due to malformed URLs on LJ's part? That fic commentary meme: I would be happy to comment on any of mine, if you want me to just leave a note. And what a relief: Collapse )

Because the kids were interested after the IMAX yesterday, we watched Titanic tonight (first half before dinner, second half after). I have only seen the film twice through, having avoided it for a long time because I was positive it was overrated and would be ahistorical and overblown and annoying, and then when I saw it -- completely oblivious to the undersea archaeology that opens the film, as I had somehow managed to hide from the previews and everything -- I absolutely loved it. It holds up very well; definitely a little too Poseidon Adventure at some moments and a little too West Side Story at others, but I am very fond of both of those movies as well, even the former's equally despised theme song.

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