March 19th, 2005

little review

Poem for Saturday

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Had a lovely lunch with juleskicks and lohowarose (deli; I ate a bagel and lox on the theory that Nova lox is probably not available cheaply or easily in Great Britain), and juleskicks brought us desserts -- the boys and their friends thank you greatly for the cupcakes and my entire family thanks you for the pie, sweetie! Picked up the kids who had a friend over, older son's bus was very late, posted articles, went to parents for dinner (Greek food). So eating-wise and socially, it was a good day. The news depressed me so much I stopped watching. Forgetting more controversial issues, I don't know if I want Joss Whedon to direct the Wonder Woman film -- I am not really in the mood for revisionist Wonder Woman in which she's a more compromised heroine, which I imagine is what we'll get with him.

Came home to fold laundry and do various other chores while watching "The Watchers" -- I have always wanted to write that phrase, heh. Not nearly as dramatic in scope as its predecessor, "The Hunters," but I loved the "When Duncan Met Joe" aspect. All right, it would have helped a lot if they had hired an actress with some small modicum of talent to play the villain's daughter; we were going, "Daddy! Please protect me, I CAN'T ACT!"

Since I know there must be Desperate Housewives fans reading this: my editor at TrekToday and CSI Files has launched a new DH site, Get Desperate!, very similar in format to the other sites. Check it out if you're interested in the show!

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To go with the poem...Sir Walter Raleigh's desk in the Tower of London.

How many days does it usually take me to go through a tube of hair conditioner? That is the question for the day. Also, is ibuprofen available over the counter relatively cheaply and easily in Great Britain? How about preservative-free contact lens solution? Forgive me if these are extremely ignorant touristy questions, I am trying to figure out how much of our medicine chest we need to pack...

Harry Potter Tarot Notes

karasu_hime drew me a fantastic Snape/Lupin Tarot card and we got to talking about how she should do an entire deck or at least the Major Arcana. She asked me which cards I would associate with which images. This response is really completely off the top of my head and based as much on apaulled's and my Star Trek Tarot as any real research, but if anyone is interested, some notes on a Harry Potter Major Arcana: Collapse )