March 20th, 2005

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Poem for Sunday

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Now everyone has shoes, and all computer files that I need have been burned to disc, and we have equipment so that tomorrow, in between Hebrew school and the Purim carnival in the early part of the day and going out to dinner for apaulled's 40th birthday in the evening, we can make a mobile using wire and pine cones using Calder's algebraic formulas. Also, I have cleaned two of the bathrooms so that when perkypaduan comes over to bond with my cats, she does not run screaming out the door as soon as she has to pee. Does this constitute preparedness? Fine, go ahead and laugh.

Otherwise Saturday was sorting and fretting and calling people and pretending to pay attention to basketball...and taking a walk with my older son because it was so completely gorgeous out that how could I not? And now I have two days left, so utter insanity sets in. This is the first time in my life I am really mad NOT to have my period; I want it over with! And I keep thinking I almost kind of have a sore throat, which makes me panic, except then I drink a lot and suck some mints and feel better. Shall try liquor next. *g*

From lizblackdog...I loved this quiz despite the silly questions about ambrosia and such. Collapse )

And speaking of Paganism, here is Sulis Minerva in Bath. There are all kinds of interesting theories about how a Celtic god and a Roman goddess became conflated in this image, which appears to be part-Medusa, part-Green Man.
little review

Notes on 'Lieutenant Hornblower'

I bet you thought I was done quoting naval fiction after the Patrick O'Brian posts, huh? But I just have to cite a few passages from Lieutenant Hornblower, because apart from the lovely descriptions of the sea and the workings of the ship, the Hornblower/Bush adoration drips from the pages. How come I find so much TV-based Horatio/Archie fic, but not nearly enough Horatio/William? This is a very charming love story! And hey, mrkinch: hand fetish! Collapse )