March 21st, 2005

little review

Poem for Monday

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Dover Beach. See the white cliffs and the pebbles, despite the commercial interruptions? It was a very sunny day in town and misty over the Channel, and we spent most of our time here in the castle and walking the streets with all the naval collectibles that I didn't know enough then to seek out, but I insisted on setting my feet in the water here. Yes, the poem is perhaps overused, but I was looking over my Dover photos from 2003 and was in the mood for it. Besides, it's an utterly stunning use of rhyme.

The suitcases are out and we're slowly sorting stuff to go inside. There's a little washer and dryer in the cottage where we're staying in Yorkshire, so we don't need to pack two weeks' worth of clothes, but as we learned from our last trip the temperature could be anywhere from the 30s to the 80s and apparently anything from pissing rain and sleet to brilliant burn-worthy sunshine. This requires careful strategies involving layers, something I suck at. I am not bringing any jewelry worth more than $10 except my wedding ring, which means I have to wear the same gold studs the whole trip. Last trip I lost a silver earring with a moonstone in it, one of my favorites, on the ground somewhere in Stratford-Upon-Avon -- not that I have ever for a moment regretted being there that day, but I don't want to lose any others.

This afternoon my in-laws, who have just returned with their trailer from several months on the west coast, drove down from Hanover, and we went out with my parents to Taste of Saigon for Vietnamese food to celebrate my husband's 40th birthday since we'll be away on the actual day. It was very nice and I am absolutely stuffed on black pepper and caramelized chicken, salmon, duck and hot and sour shrimp soup, plus the German chocolate cake for which we went back to my parents' house. Have given hubby all the small presents I have for him and tomorrow must come up with a Real between giving perkypaduan a tour of my cats' litter boxes and shopping for last minute items we can't live without!