March 22nd, 2005

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I posted this the last time I left to go to England, in 2003. We had a wonderful, wonderful trip, so it seems appropriate to post it again. As I said last time, I am sure many people reading this know the significance this poem has for me (if not, there's an explanation here, from Now Voyager, the newsletter of KMAS, the Kate Mulgrew Appreciation Society). It's interesting that I can think of ways to make it relevant to every fandom with which I've been involved since then, from LOTR to M&C to DS9 to HP.

Speaking of HP, Moonshadow, the Lupin/Snape archive, is open! All hail xochiquetzl, our archivist, and karasu_hime, who did the artwork! And speaking of artwork, look what mamadracula drew!

Severus Snape by mamadracula, Image hosted by

Please go leave her lots of feedback here and maybe she will be inspired to draw Lucius or something. *g*

While waiting to go pick up my kids after eating at California Tortilla earlier, perkypaduan and I watched Highlander's "The Darkness," which was very sad (I hated the Silence of the Lambs-ripoff elements but loved everything else). I did not recall that there was a montage to one of my least-favorite songs, "Dust in the Wind," and when apaulled came home I played it for him. The kids watched too and then wanted to see what happened to Tessa and Richie and what happened afterward, so while we were running around packing, we had "Eye for an Eye" on. I absolutely loved it -- the Richie scenes in particular, the training sequence, and I must admit that Sheena Easton is EXACTLY my type there (I have a thing for red-haired Irish women) and seeing her with Duncan was hormone overload for me!

Plane reading material: Hornblower and the Hotspur, Lucrezia Borgia and the Mother of Poisons, and the second half of Walking to Canterbury. I read the first half the last time we were in England, forgot all about it, found it not long ago and vowed that I would finish it this trip. I was going to bring M&C in case I was overwhelmed by the urge to reread it, then remembered that I have an eBook copy that I can put on my Palm. Yay!

I'm expecting to be pretty incommunicado for the next two weeks, though I will try to post some photos and updates on our travels. perkypaduan will be pet-sitting for Rosie, Cinnamon, Aragorn and Boromir so please write lots of porn fic to keep her entertained while we are gone! If you're going to e-mail me, please use my username at my domain name; I have my work addresses set with autoresponders to tell people I'm away. And have a great couple of weeks!