March 23rd, 2005

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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In an airport hotel waiting for pre-dawn wakeup and flight...and for the kids to finally fall asleep (how long can two boys keep themslves awake?!) so I went looking for reading material and found this. Spent all of today before leaving the house doing last-minute chores like the bank, the grocery store and last-minute laundries. I think we remembered everything...if not we will find out on the other side of the Atlantic. *g* Watched Veronica Mars at the hotel, ate fast food for dinner (I did get to have lunch with gblvr before I left and talk fannish stuff, so yay!) I can't settle down with a book yet, though my older son has already finished one of his.

Tomorrow before this time I will hopefully have seen the coast of Ireland from above. My favorite thing about the flight last time was seeing it at sunrise; this time hopefully it will not have gotten dark too soon!