April 6th, 2005

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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By the time we left for Heathrow on Monday afternoon, the weather had cleared up and we found ourselves looking out the windows at spring flowers and the fewer sheep in the fields of Surrey than those of Yorkshire. I had hoped to meet elanor_isolda in the airport but we ran late at the rental car return (warning to anyone going to England: beware National Car Rental, no matter how good their rates, we have ugly stories from both picking up and returning vehicles), and I never managed to find her.

The flight home was quite smooth however. I watched National Treasure and Being Julia, two excellent films for leaving England, as one has to do with the American Founding Fathers and has a British bad guy (Sean Bean, no less!) while the other is set in London and is about shenanigans on and off the English stage earlier this century and has Jeremy Irons. We had forgotten all the CDs to which we intended to listen while we were in England and had been stuck with freebies from the Daily Express, and I found it ironic that United Airlines was playing Loreena McKennitt, one of the main CDs I missed, as we took off. Once again it was cloudy as we passed over Ireland, but we had a clear view of the glaciers in northeastern Canada and a lovely sunset landing at the airport outside DC after seeing the monuments just before landing.

So I'm back, very tired as my body has not yet adjusted to the shift in time nor the extra several hours in my day yesterday, but the laundries are done and I actually managed to get two articles posted in addition to answering a boatload of comments and monkeying with a handful of photos. Shall finish answering comments in the morning as I can no longer see straight. I still haven't looked at my friends' list beyond a couple of people's journals to see if they were silent just because I was gone or because of some crisis. Hope everyone is well!

The Rollright Stones, near Chipping Norton.