April 10th, 2005

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Soccer went longer than we expected so we decided to put off seeing the cherry blossoms until Sunday (when hopefully the crowds will be smaller as well, as the Cherry Blossom Festival parade was Saturday). My son's team won their first soccer game of the year, so they ended the afternoon on a happy note, after which we drove to Seneca Creek State Park which is near the school where they were playing and hiked in the surprisingly damp and muddy woods. It has been gorgeous here, 70s and sunny, but I hear that the DC area got a lot of rain while we were in England and the creek gave evidence of that.

Otherwise, I transcribed an Enterprise trailer, updated my Louise Fletcher web page as the publicist for her movie Aurora Borealis had sent me some information and links to photos, resized a great many photos and worked on the web pages about our trip. Watched the first episode of The Barchester Chronicles while folding laundry this evening; no Alan Rickman yet, but the series is quite engrossing, particularly since I am nostalgic for all things in England at the moment. And the Nationals won again, so it must be considered a successful day. I didn't see the wedding at all but I hear Camilla wore a terrible hat; if so, will someone post a photo to fanfic_hats, pretty please? *g*

Today's poem seemed to call for a graveyard, so here is the one at the priory church in front of the keep of Portchester Castle.