April 11th, 2005

little review

Poem for Monday

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We went to the Cherry Blossom Festival, a day after the parade but still a perfect afternoon -- about 70 degrees without a cloud in the sky. We picked up older son directly from Hebrew school and took a picnic downtown with us, eating in the shade on the Mall beneath a tree not far from the Washington Monument; then we walked down to the Tidal Basin and around, past the Jefferson and Roosevelt Memorials. There were thousands of people but it never felt packed, and everyone was quite nice about stopping to let people take photos and get their kids where they could see. There was a jazz band playing on the stage at the Jefferson Memorial when we got over there and lots of impromptu frisbee and soccer being played.

After we circled back to the Smithsonian, we went into the Museum of American History for a little while. I wanted to see the Philadelphia, America's earliest warship, which was salvaged complete with the British shot that sunk her several hours into her last battle, though her mast is gone. We had to get home by 4 p.m. for younger son's soccer practice, so we didn't have much time in the museum, but after being terribly nostalgic for England it was nice to get a reminder of the fabulous museums we have in DC, absolutely free.

The evening was quiet -- after soccer we had dinner and watched Supervolcano on Discovery, which was reasonably entertaining, particularly since we saw the Pompeii special not long ago and the footage of what they think would happen at Yellowstone looked so much like the footage of what they think did happen at Vesuvius. I tend not to like end of the world disaster scenarios very much, Day After Tomorrow-type stuff (okay, that Armageddon Harry Potter fic notwithstanding *g*), but we figured this had to be an improvement over the Book of Revelation miniseries, and the Tom Brokaw report on the Norris Geyser Basin afterward was very interesting.

And now we interrupt your virtual tour of Britain for some images of a Washington, DC spring, by request for sparowe...

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