April 12th, 2005

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Poem for Tuesday

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Relatively uneventful Monday. Had lunch with the wonderful perkypaduan, who took care of my cats while I was in England (and is apparently far better beloved by them than I am). We watched Hornblower, because Retribution is one of the slashiest things ever (hard to say who is more insanely in love with Horatio...Archie, Bush or Pellew), then we watched bits of the fighting ships documentary on one of the DVDs because a lot of it was filmed at Portsmouth and I really wanted to see those parts again. Later I wrote some articles, posted my trip report with links and photos on my web page, and tried to make my kids do their homework even though it was an absolutely gorgeous day outside and their was a neighborhood watergun fight going on.

Tonight, since we were all still in supervolcano moods, we watched the Science Channel show about When Yellowstone Erupts, which was more scientific than Supervolcano yet used some of the same footage and simulations; the Science Channel and Discovery must be owned by the same people, or at least do cross-marketing. My allergies seem to have remembered belatedly that they object to spring pollen, because my head is quite foggy this evening, so I can't think what else I meant to say although I read some more of The Eyre Affair and jotted some notes on what promises to be a monster Snape fic for the FQF which may be the only fic I get written before July 16th, since it must be finished by then (oh, and if anyone cares, Amazon.com is promising July 16th delivery on all pre-orders for HP:HBP before July).

I should be catching up on my friends list but instead I decided to catch up on the Friday Fivishness I missed:

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I have many, many more photos from England to post but today I am posting these relevant images from the Smithsonian over the weekend of the oldest American warship, built and sunk in two months in 1776 and salvaged from the water along with the British shot that sank her.

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I am falling asleep in my seat, even though I did not get up particularly early, so I think I am going to take some allergy medicine and collapse.
little review

England Photos

I got the first batch (!) of England trip photos uploaded, and a report full of links to official sites etc. The report is here. If you want just the photos, they start here and you can click through the links on the bottom through the whole set. Or here are direct URLs:

London / Greenwich / The Thames / The Rollright Stones and Birmingham / Lake District / Rievaulx Abbey / Castle Howard / York / Whitby / Scarborough and Goathland / Fountains Abbey / Hartlepool / Durham / Carlisle and Gretna Green / Hadrian's Wall / Barningham / Sherwood Forest and Avebury / Stonehenge / Portsmouth Historic Dockyard / Portsmouth and Southsea / Portchester

Some of these may (nay, will) show up in this journal at some point. We were not allowed to take photos inside Westminster Abbey, Her Majesty's Theatre, the Maritime Museum, the galleries at the Birmingham Museum, Wordsworth's Dove Cottage, Castle Howard or Durham Cathedral, and we were not allowed to use flash in the Nelson Gallery at the Royal Naval Museum nor the Mary Rose Museum, so there are some gaps and some slightly blurry images.