April 14th, 2005

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Wednesday I had the pleasure of lunch with juleskicks and lohowarose, who came up my way for deli and a walk on the Maryland side of Great Falls. The weather was magnificent, the river was high and there were ducks, geese, herons and turkey vultures in evidence, with almost no other people on the overlook. I think it hit 60 today and is supposed to be slightly cooler tomorrow, which is my favorite temperature range.

Comcast has this new stupidity: every night between 9 p.m. and midnight it is nearly impossible to access the web. It's not that the cable is down, because I can get my mail and IM fine; it's specifically that every web site brings back a "not found" message. This is pissing me off to an extreme, as those are my prime surfing hours, since my kids are finally asleep and my work is done. Grr arrgh.

Loved loved loved tonight's Smallville despite hugely cliched dialogue, a plot that Star Trek did better and Michael Rosenbaum being so wonderful during some moments that he couldn't help but compare unfavorably with himself during others. I must declare that any episode containing as much Lex and Lionel as this one was going to get a thumbs-up from me, so the fact that I loved it should not be taken as a statement of quality, only as a statement of squee. Collapse )

Oh! Smallville makes me think of vertigo66, and I forgot to mention that when we were in B&N yesterday, we read the kids' novelization of Revenge of the Sith. Collapse )

Things I miss from England, part 53,948: Tesco's mild curry with coconut and lemongrass crisps. Yorkshire Gold tea. Kellogg's Bran Flakes -- yes, I know Kellogg's is a US company, but the version carried in British stores does not have corn syrup and has stronger malt flavoring, so you get more fiber and less unnecessary crap in your cereal. I also miss the farm-fresh eggs and fresh bottled milk, but I could probably find that around here if I went looking; I'd just have to get up awfully early to have it here for breakfast. I am posting photos from Great Falls because it was so lovely there, and it feels British enough to me because at the time George Washington began championing the building of a canal to parallel the Potomac River, he was still a loyal servant of the King...

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