April 16th, 2005

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Poem for Saturday

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Tax Day was yet another glorious spring day in the DC area. I got to have lunch with gblvr, rant about baseball in Washington disrupting my UPN-watching, read lots of articles and watch lots of video clips of the Enterprise wrap party for an article summarizing it, discover that Lupin is still not going to let me write about Lockhart, become the meanest mother in the world (again!) because I made my son start reading the book due Monday that he has put off for a week rather than letting him go over to a friend's to play Runescape, remain the meanest mother in the world (again!) by telling my other son that his father's grounding of him from video games still stands when he is not home, have dinner with my parents, review Enterprise and watch a few minutes of the Mind Meld DVD, which is every bit as much of a slasher's dream as I had hoped and I'm not even a quarter of the way through it yet.

Speaking of Enterprise, here is my very, very scathing "Bound" review at TrekToday, and I didn't even set phasers on kill; I didn't feel like there was any point in unleashing the full feminist rant on something so obvious. It was worse than any episode of the original series, because the original series was the original series and has being made in the '60s as an excuse for some of its stupidity; Enterprise has NO excuse, not with so many fans still trying to save it even though the sets have been packed away and the actors are out auditioning for other shows. In fact, there was only one thing that amused me in "Bound". Collapse )

fannish5: So you're cleaning all the pollen off your TV screen and a genie pops out. In return for freeing her, she offers to grant you 5 changes to any TV show(s) you wish. With only 5 wishes, what do you wish for?
The complete disappearance from canon of the last nine episodes of La Femme Nikita.
2. The eighth season and following that X-Files should have had rather than the ones it got.
3. The disappearance of Cordelia from Buffy and Angel except as a once-in-a-blue-moon guest star.
4. A conclusion to VR5...an episode, a miniseries, another season...
5. I feel like an idiot saying this, after all this time, but...Janeway/Chakotay. Was anything so obvious ever botched so badly in the history of television?

fridayfiver: You-Who
1. Who inspires you?
See my icon.
2. Who disappoints you? 9/10 of the elected officials of the United States. And an unfortunate percentage of the people who elected them.
3. Who makes you angry? See above.
4. Who makes you laugh? Monty Python.
5. Who do you love? This is the kind of question that makes these fiver things silly. If you read this journal you already know who I love. I'm not bothering with thefridayfive, which is about illness.

Collapse ) It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend but we have two Hebrew school model seders, two children's birthday parties, two soccer games and assorted relatives. And I am sure it will be fun doing all these things, but I hope I get a quiet hour in the woods somewhere.

Seagulls approach the rigging of Grand Turk in port at Whitby.