April 18th, 2005

little review

Poem for Monday

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Sunday was indeed busy, though not in the ways I expected. Because there had been such an explosion of Star Trek news yesterday, news was relatively light today and I wrote an article about the movie Shatner is making for the Sci Fi Channel...I know that TrekUnited announced tonight that the good fight was over, and there are allegations of all sorts of misdeeds being passed around, but other than to glance through my mail about it I did not read any of the public posts and I officially have no opinion on the campaign that's any different than the opinions I stated when the play to raise $30 million to buy another season of Enterprise was announced. I know there are people saying they're sorry that it's officially over, but I felt that it was officially over the day UPN announced its plan not to renew the series. This has always been about money and ratings, and I'd rather fight for a really good Star Trek that people will watch than for another year of a show that couldn't make it even with a Paramount budget, a decent cast and better writing than it had when it started out. And let me add that by "really good Star Trek", I do not mean that I want a new vision a la JMS or Galactica -- I want what Gene Roddenberry was doing in the first place!

Collapse ) My in-laws arrived in the early afternoon and we had a low-key day with them, walking with their dog, enjoying the spring and showing them trip stuff. My sister and her family never arrived -- apparently one of her kids was sick, but I heard this only third-hand when I called my father to ask what the deal was -- so I am not entirely sure what is going on there. We brought in California Tortilla for dinner and watched the pets circle each other suspiciously under the table. In the evening when they left I watched Desperate Housewives, which could easily become a guilty pleasure -- I rationalize that I really need to keep up with it for Get Desperate! but CSI Files has never made me feel any need or desire to watch any of the CSI shows.

Collapse ) I must wake up very early as hubby has to see an orthopedic surgeon about his knee, so I had better go collapse. Still many pretty flowers. Sinuses still clear. Head still foggy though. Am confused.

The house in our neighborhood by far most likely to win some kind of garden award is this one, which in addition to having very lovely annuals around the borders of its garden also has this fish pond with fountain in the middle, with the walkway to the front door built right over it. Here you can see the sunlight on the water, the bubbles from the fountain, the fish, and the greenery which already seems to be growing out of control this spring.