April 21st, 2005

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Poem for Thursday

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I have had an utterly chaotic day...entertaining, but I am so behind on everything I could cry. My sister and her family are leaving town tomorrow, so we were trying to fit in as much time seeing them as possible. I had a quick lunch with perkypaduan (no Highlander, sorry beeej), then ran around cleaning up in case my nieces came over to see the cats, picking up my kids, etc. I got two articles posted but didn't even start listening to the hour-long interview that I was apparently supposed to be able to play, typing out the good bits, and write up in detail on a day when I also had to resize photos, type in bullets and other time-consuming sorts of news-reporting activity (as opposed to writing up "Minor Trek Star To Appear On Past Its Prime TV Show" based on a single source article, which can be done in 20-30 minutes). I have no idea where this week has gone.

In good Trek news, though, I finally got around to reading O Deus' review of "Bound" at TrekWeb, and he hated it so much that apparently someone thought he and I were the same person! I am going to take this as a compliment. Online reviewers seem split between "wow that was bad" and "aw, it was a fun nostalgic romp!" Most of the reviewers I respect came down on the "bad" side, so I don't have to scoff at them, fortunately. *g* I really cannot regret that Enterprise is going off the air -- gives me a firm excuse to look for a job in the fall. If I'm going to spend this many hours a day working, I have got to make more money.

In entertainment news in general, vertigo66 tells me that Skin will be broadcast on Soapnet, which makes me very happy as Fox never aired half the episodes and I really liked the series from the start (oh but wait, I'm supposed to be anti-sex and that show was about the porn industry...hmm, must consult with my Trek-bashers). Also, the very sweet melinafandom sent me the Veronica Mars I missed, though I have still not had a chance to watch it. Thank you! And the wonderful penguingal wrote me fic-to-order; I had asked for Josh/Matt DNC, and she obliged with Pushing Forward, and it was just what I needed on a Wednesday night with no new West Wing (not that I would have been home to watch anyway, as we were all at my parents' still).

So I lost my iTunes virginity downloading and buying "Raewyn" -- the first single off Russell Crowe's upcoming album My Hand My Heart (lyrics on that site). I like the song, though I must admit I still like some of the ones he did with TOFOG better (I am not sure anything will replace "Other Ways of Speaking" as my favorite). "Raewyn" and four other songs on the album were co-written by Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea, with whom I am familiar thanks to ribby who sent me Sea of No Cares (am thinking of buying Rant and Roar). The guitar in this song is quite lovely. And while I was at iTunes, I looked up Russell's playlist...any man who has the Indigo Girls' "Closer To Fine" named as a song that helped him grow up, and Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" and David Bowie's "Sorrow" and k.d. lang's "Constant Craving" and Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" on his list, is deserving of my adoration. It makes me so ridiculously happy when celebrities justify my love. Oh, what the heck: Collapse )

And now can I admit that I secretly grinned that we were staying in Russell Square in London across from the Russell Hotel, and everyone can laugh at me for this? I am near collapse again and have nearly as much to do Thursday as I did Wednesday; sister is leaving town with her brood but it's double-carpool day and I still haven't made it through that audio interview I have to write up. But I do get to see beeej at lunchtime! And the awesome perkypaduan brought me James L. Nelson books. What's the verdict: do I finish the Hornblowers first, or take a break and read one of these? I need a nautical fiction schedule!

Looking down the spiral staircase from the top of the keep in Portchester Castle. There was centuries-old graffiti inscribed on the walls on the way down, signatures and curlicues dating from the 1700s. (It's a long way down from here. I better start with the stairs. *g*)