April 22nd, 2005

little review

Poem for Friday

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Tonight we watched last night's Smallville, "Heathers Meets Carrie" (that wasn't the episode title but it might as well have been). It had no Lionel and not nearly enough Lex, but it did have Collapse )

Besides lunch with beeej, I had a successful work day in that I now know a producer at The History Channel who wrote to TrekToday hoping we would do a news bullet on their new Voodoo documentary narrated by Michael Dorn. I love Michael Dorn and it sounds like it's a "truth behind the myths" documentary rather than a sensationalistic one (not another movie-version The Serpent and the Rainbow) so I sent him a note asking for more information for an article, and we exchanged a couple of e-mails. I would love a job like that -- writing and casting historical documentaries. My other article was on Eugene Roddenberry Jr. who distinctly told Chase Masterson in an audio interview that he is now a father, and I got a pile of notes telling me he doesn't have any children and I'm an idiot, so I am a little befuddled...

My sister and her family went back to New York, so things were calmer with the kids, though today is the day when son #1 stays late for math team and son #2 has violin at the same time so coordinating carpools is always hectic. A friend from England had sent me some of the little pewter figures that you can buy at some of the historical sites -- little Roman soldiers and Vikings and Tudors -- and I spent an absurd amount of time rearranging in my bedroom, putting those away and the William Morris book I bought at Castle Howard and the Druid-themed Tarot cards I had seen at Avebury and my latest pile of books. I don't know where to store my miniature pirate ships -- would it be excessively dorky to get little plastic cases? Do I care? *g*

Let's see, what else...I am caught up on Veronica Mars (at least as caught up as I can be having missed the first quarter of the season), I am totally loving The Eyre Affair where the bad guy was threatening to plant a nail-bomb in Barchester because he hates Trollope, I updated my web pages, I remembered to change my personal information in all my other journals which it just hit me today I needed to do or I was just going to point everyone to stuff I had locked, and I only have about 20 e-mails left to answer. Gee, I might be almost caught up just in time for Passover and getting behind again!

The parish church of Whitby seen from the ruins of the abbey. I shall allow Bram Stoker to describe it for me: Collapse )