April 27th, 2005

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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So Tuesday night's Veronica Mars really pissed me off. Collapse ) I did see some local animal news that made me smile: a baby porcupine was born at the National Zoo (and has no spines yet, just red fur) and an expectant duck who made her nest in front of the Treasury Department has Secret Service protection for her eggs. Okay, it would be nice if the people living in the district got as much protection as the animals, but it's nice to hear happy animal news anyway.

Had lunch today with my mother, who is going to Florida with my father for a week (someone please remind me to pick up their newspaper in a comment tomorrow around lunchtime). Mailed a bunch of packages that have been sitting for weeks waiting for me to get the rest in order and get them out...liars_dance, your book is on the way, and melinafandom, all the stuff is coming! You know, if I have promised you stuff that I have not sent, please nag me, because odds are good that I just forgot or got busy and need to be nagged so that on a day when I am NOT busy, I can get it done...if I have lost whatever it was that I said I'd send, don't worry, I'll tell you. Older son had Hebrew school, so did some carpool schlepping, and wrote a couple of articles including a fun one on Berman and Braga saying no, really, the Enterprise finale doesn't suck honest. The site owner was just back from London with photos of the Admiral's House in Hampstead (from Mary Poppins) which apparently Russell Crowe just bought. Ridley Scott lives next door. I had no idea that there were walking tours with this kind of information in that neighborhood when I was there!

It was a gorgeous day today so I took some spring photos. Here are a couple.

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