May 5th, 2005

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Poem for Thursday

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I am sure I have used up my rightful level of squee for the week, but in between chores and schlepping younger son to the orthodontist who informed both of us that he needs to brush better, I got even more new, improved squee! Thanks in part to a benefactor who probably wishes to remain anonymous and in part to the miracle of DVR technology, I watched certain movies today that I never expected to see on DVD. Well, I did not actually watch all of Kiss of the Spider Woman, which remains, if not the best movie I have ever seen, then at least in the top five -- and it changed the way I watch other movies -- nor did I actually watch all of The Competition, which is half guilty-pleasure with Lee Remick and Sam Wanamaker and half pure pleasure listening to all the piano music in the soundtrack.

But I did watch The Miracle, a movie I have not watched in years because the former rental videotape I owned was in such bad shape that I was afraid of destroying it. I watched it through, though I had intended only to put on the scene where Beverly D'Angelo sings "Stardust"...and it is the perfect movie to watch the day after An Awfully Big Adventure, because the two movies thematically are almost mirrors of each other. They're both set in rundown cities and center around struggling theatrical companies, they both play around with the idea of life as performance and the difference between reality and illusion, they both involve young people being raised by people who feel like they can't tell them the truth about their mothers, Collapse )

I can't decide if TV has been disappointing me because I've had good movies around, or if TV has been disappointing me because Veronica Mars and Smallville both sucked this week...well, the latter more than the former, but I am more disappointed in VM because I have come to expect that show to be really good. Collapse ) And then there's SV, which -- no matter how much terrible, awful, agonizing Lana dialogue we must sit through, has Lex and Lionel which absurdly makes me excuse everything else. Lex himself didn't have too many moments that made me ngggghh this week -- well, maybe that look at the very end -- but he figured in my two favorite scenes even though he wasn't onscreen at the time. Collapse )

My other point of televised disappointment was the Revenge of the Sith trailer shown during Smallville. I understand that preview was targeted for the WB audience, but after that wonderful one I saw in the theater attached to The Hitchhiker's Guide, I was just not prepared for so much badness! Collapse ) However, I must have this Christian Bale action figure as Batman! If only there was a Phantom of the Opera action figure, I could introduce them to each other and then they might be my OTP. No wait, I'm confusing life with Reign of Fire, or maybe RPS. *g* Um, ignore that.

When I posted all those photos of things blooming in DC, I did not mean to give the impression that we did not see plenty of flowers while we were in England. Here, an effort to remedy that...

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Am shouting love to melinafandom, valis2 and fuschia. They know why. *g*