May 7th, 2005

little review

Poem for Saturday

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And a photo to go with the poem, taken at St. Oswald's Churchyard, Grasmere, Cumbria:

The graves of William Wordsworth, his wife Mary and sister Dorothy. With daffodils.

Friday, after an absurdly early alarm because my older son had to be at school in time to get on a bus for Annapolis for the state chorus festival (where his school did well, though not quite so well as they did at the county competition), juleskicks and I decided to indulge in some mutual pimping -- I showed her Highlander and she showed me Firefly. We couldn't get the first disc to play, and I think I need to watch the pilot to have a real sense of what's going on among the characters, but Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin were all terrific and I am looking forward to watching the rest. Though I read a very traumatic spoiler on the TrekToday message boards right after watching, and now I don't even know whether to look forward to Serenity! Oh, Joss Whedon, you are cruel. juleskicks and I also had California Tortilla and she was subjected to a lap invaded by my cat, something to which most visitors to my house are subjected, so she has now passed the Rosie Inspection of Doom with flying colors.

My son came home tired but content from the chorus festival and instead of wanting to go over to his friend's house he wanted to stay home, so he, his brother and his friend could all play Runescape without having to compete for a computer. They and two other friends spent two hours IMing and chasing each other through the game...does this now count as having a social life for middle schoolers or should I worry about it? (Younger son was also beside himself because he accidentally overwrote his Aragorn file in The Two Towers Game Boy game, meaning that he lost -- um, items? artifacts? something he wanted, at any rate, and which it will take months of experience to gain back. I am so glad I do not play video games and frustrate myself in this manner.

We had dinner with my mother, as my father is in New York, then came home for Enterprise. Here's the "Demons" review, which may net me somewhat less hate mail since I actually liked the episode, though I am sure some people will write and accuse me of having claimed that just to get attention or something. *g* One more week, and then my Trek-reviewing-free life begins...I wonder how strange it will feel after nearly eleven years. Although I promised to review the original series for TrekToday after Enterprise has left broadcast, so I guess that's not entirely true.

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The local news is all atwitter because the Wizards beat the Bulls and will now have the honor of getting pounded up and down the floor by Miami. I am ambivalent, given that Kwame Brown's troubles have gotten more press than my county's decision to stop teaching sex ed until it can placate the conservatives who want homophobia built in to the curriculum and given that I hate rooting against the Bulls after many happy years living in Chicago. But since my family will be following these events closely, I shall sound my barbaric yawp. Am expecting a weekend of soccer, in-laws and hopefully some fun. And look! I leave you with HP joy: mamadracula drew more McGonagall!