May 8th, 2005

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Am cranky. Had relatively quiet day, son had Hebrew school then soccer, got some chores done around the house so 1) the house would be clean when guests arrived for Mother's Day and 2) I wouldn't have to be folding laundry on Mother's Day, though the dryer was slow so it appears that I will be doing that anyway, not that I really care since I control the television while I am folding whether there is a basketball playoff game on or not. Got a lovely gift from mamadracula which I am wearing and will probably wear again tomorrow -- the mother goddess on the shirt loves me even if my own mother is burying me in guilt for being a bad daughter, right? (I'm sure she thinks I'm a bad mother as well; sometimes 48 entire hours go by without me buying my children presents.)

We went in the evening to see Kingdom of Heaven (note to perkypaduan: you and I are still going to see it next week as well, but apaulled wanted to see it and we took advantage of the opportunity though I really want to see it again). Several non-spoilerish thoughts:
  • I am never again going to apologize for being an Orlando Bloom fan. He's the real thing: he doesn't overplay, he works his arse off, he has a lovely speaking voice. People who think he's too pretty, too overhyped or too young will just have to deal with this.
  • When you have a cast that includes David Thewlis, Jeremy Irons, Liam Neeson, Ghassan Massoud and Marton Csokas, you cannot make a bad movie even if your screenplay has some of the worst dialogue since Alexander.
  • Note to Ridley Scott: You made Gladiator once already and it won an Oscar. Doing things that are extremely visually, aurally or scenically reminiscent of it is really not your best move if you want your later films to stand on their own.
  • Sometimes it helps to have a villain who's a little too over-the-top; it makes it possible to give all the good guys lots of shades of gray.
  • Can't someone please write a decent role for a woman in a historical epic? Please?
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The Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, where the body of Lord Nelson lay in state. Collapse )

Oh yeah...Happy Mother's Day. *g*