May 10th, 2005

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Poem for Tuesday

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That poem made me think of both Sharon Olds' "Satan Says" and An Awfully Big Adventure. At the very least it was being read in my head in Alan Rickman's voice.

Today I worked on some stuff that needed doing, I cleaned up some stuff that needed cleaning, I watched the "Exploding Charlotte" featurette on the National Treasure bonus DVD while eating lunch, I picked up my kids and made a feeble attempt to get their homework done, I discovered to my chagrin that Karuna Arts no longer sells short skirts and I'm too short to wear their long skirts, I tried to help my older son with his commercial assignment for English, I tried to get my younger son to come up with more creative sentences for his vocabulary assignment, I ate macaroni and cheese. I feel dreadfully boring and uninspired. I think I am recovering from stress. *g*

Some photos from Locust Grove this weekend, including a beagle by request for shayenne.

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Tomorrow I shall make an attempt to be organized. Plus I shall get to download Russell Crowe's album so I shall at least be squeeful. *g* My Astrocenter horoscope is not promising: An intense card, letter or phone call could come from a brother, sister or other relative today. Perhaps this is a good chance to patch up an old quarrel with this person - but don't be tempted to start another! Emotions are running high at this time, and it wouldn't take much to set someone off. You may want to go out and do a little shopping, but be careful. Traffic is likely to be bad.
little review

This Is Gratuitous Russell Crowe Squee

I'm listening to track 10 on Russell Crowe's new album, My Hand, My Heart (the one he worked on with Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea). The song is called "I Miss My Mind":

"The ship I sailed was lost in fog some distance from the coast/Of all the things I lost that year, I miss my mind the most."

I could tell you ten different ways it makes me think of Jack Aubrey, though it also makes me think of Russell (not that I really know him well enough to say so).

The music is based on Boccherini's "La Musica Notturna Delle Strade Di Madrid (No. 6, Op. 30.)" That's the last track on the Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World soundtrack -- the one Jack and Stephen are playing as the ship sails off.

OMFG I LOVE THIS MAN. The album's on iTunes. Go get it, it's worth it.