May 17th, 2005

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Had an uneventful morning burning CDs and sorting paperwork followed by a crazy afternoon when younger son's braces wire came loose and jammed into his cheek, causing considerable pain and annoyance. As soon as I picked up older son, I took both kids to the orthodontist during the busiest after-school time of the afternoon to get this repaired, then took them out for ice cream, meaning homework and dinner were both delayed. I couldn't write up one of my TrekToday articles because the web link was broken, so instead I wrote a not-critical-news DS9 article, and as I finished that, someone sent in the final ratings for "These Are the Voyages..." (which UPN was spinning better than they deserved) so I had to go attend to those.

After this we were all sort of tired, and apaulled and I had been talking about how much the snow-in-the-woods scene in Kingdom of Heaven resembled the one in Gladiator, and the kids begged to be allowed to watch Gladiator which we have never let them do for several R-rated reasons although they have seen all the making-of documentaries (we all love Russell doing Animal Planet with the tigers), so I showed them Gladiator the way I showed them The Matrix - with liberal use of the fast-forward button for scenes of violence, incest and other material I didn't want to get into. I was actually surprised how much less violent it seemed than I remembered; too many CGI orc armies and Alexander on the big screen will do that, I suppose, but wow, first-hand proof that I myself have been desensitized to violence as all those psychiatrists predicted. I skipped less than I had assumed I would. Damn but sometimes I forget how much I love that film. Like Titanic, it was one I didn't see until literally everyone else on the planet had seen it because I was so sure it was overrated, and then when I saw it I loved it so much I thought I must have been shallow for having such mainstream tastes. *g*

Anyway, as a result of my running around before the day got crazy, I did manage to buy the Interview with Russell on the cover (so I was in the mood for Gladiator anyway, dammit), and I managed to mail three of the ten or so packages I owe people, so those of you in Europe will luck out compared to those of you in the US. Sorry! And now I am all sleepy. It's amazing what a bit of insanity can do.

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