May 18th, 2005

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Sort of a slow morning segued into sort of a slow afternoon; older son had his Hebrew final and both kids got Hebrew school attendance awards in the form of two tickets each to a minor league baseball game, so we will be seeing the Frederick Keys in June to go with the Orioles in July and Nationals in August, which has a nice symmetry. Older son also got a certificate for his outstanding work in Hebrew; he's had a perfect score on the final exam for two years running and this is a point of pride with him. Trek news today was a rather entertaining podcast by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens of commentary on "Terra Prime" which confirmed for me that I liked the episode despite its many plot holes (they did, at least, address the speed with which the ray from Mars hit Earth, since apparently we were supposed to know that the verteron ray travels faster than the speed of light, hahaha). Oh, and Connor Trinneer disliked "These Are the Voyages..." as much as anyone. I just read that Frank Gorshin died, a sad day for Trek and Batman both.

Tonight since there was no VM and you couldn't pay me cash up front to watch Britney, we put on Sweet November which I have never been able to make myself watch yet I bought last week ridiculously cheaply because the lure of my two favorite nice Jewish boys playing boyfriends was simply impossible to resist. I had seen that scene, because Jason Isaacs and Michael Rosenbaum in drag is something I would consider essential even in a film far worse than this one. Collapse ) I am very sorry that they never kissed, but the entire movie is worth watching for is the making-of featurette, as he seems to be the only person in the entire freaking film aware that most of the deadly illness and tragic death in San Francisco at the end of the last century affected gay men, and he plays Chaz with that sense that he's seen it all before. I hate, despise and loathe the ending -- Collapse ) I am going to try to remember only the Jason-and-Michael scenes.

Wednesday I have to get done everything that I will not get done on Thursday. My kids made me get them the new Mad magazine yesterday and I read all the Sith parody and howled...I forget how funny Mad is, and I must remember to scan a cartoon from the baseball in Washington feature. Speaking of Washington, here are a last few pictures from Sunday.

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