May 22nd, 2005

little review

Poem for Sunday

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It has been quite a long day and I have not even glanced at the flist since mid-week so let me apologize for that up front. We all had to be up and out by 9 a.m. for a meeting for Bar-Bat Mitzvah families at Hebrew school, which apaulled and younger son left early to go to his soccer game while I stayed with older son, then we all met up for lunch and took a walk at Cabin John Park before coming home so I could crank out a review round-up before going to see DC United in the evening. Younger son's aforementioned soccer team (which lost today, sadly) had won a sportsmanship award with free tickets for the kids and discounted tickets for everyone else, so we all went and had a picnic in the perfect, perfect cool weather along the filthy Anacostia River where everyone has tailgate parties.

This was only the second MLS game I have ever attended, the first since Freddy Adu arrived in DC, and it was enormously fun. I loved being at a professional sports event announced in both English and Spanish. They gave the kids t-shirts, keychains and discount tickets to additional games (given the relatively empty stadium that last is not surprising). Adu didn't play until the last ten minutes, when United was up 2-1 and seemed on track to win; he made an assist on the third and clinching goal by Christian Gomez, who also scored the second, while the first came from a Jaime Moreno spot kick. I won't even pretend to be able to talk about strategy but it was a fast-paced game and far more fun to watch than soccer on television.

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About a third of the kids on younger son's soccer team have older siblings in Hebrew school, so we spent nearly all day with the same people -- none really our good friends, but all people who have known our kids since they were very young, and one's the husband of my sister's college roommate whom we first met before we had kids. So, fun.