May 23rd, 2005

little review

Poem for Monday

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Much of my flist seems to be deeply in love with SWE3:ROTS, which I saw Sunday with my children. I must admit that my first impression held and was strengthened: this is an enjoyable film, but I don't think it's a very good film, and the things that bothered me only a little the first time around irked me a lot more the second -- particularly Padme's role, or non-role. Collapse )

We came home for a little while after the movie, then our family was in charge of snack for younger son's soccer practice and I had to write a couple of articles. In the evening we dropped off one of the vans for servicing -- I will be vehicle-free Monday, unfortunately -- and went to IHOP since it's next door to the car place. Every time we go there, the people in the kitchen seem to have gotten slightly stupider and the waits even longer: tonight they left the EGGS off my eggs benedict (I asked for no Canadian bacon, as I don't eat pork -- they thought I was a vegan and didn't want the eggs -- I ask you, what vegan eats bacon and hollandaise sauce?!) and brought my husband steak instead of bacon with his eggs. They're starting to make the service at Denny's look good and that is a very scary thing.

I wasn't going to watch Desperate Housewives, because it makes me feel kind of icky -- I don't like the characters, I don't root for the characters, I don't like myself waiting to see who gets killed or maimed or trashed -- but I had laundry to fold and it was the season finale, so I put it on. I wasn't surprised by anything that was revealed and I'm not going to watch next season. I've watched soaps with characters who made lots of stupid decisions before, years of Dallas and Dawson's Creek have left me with a healthy respect for soaps, but this show isn't quite a satire where I can wholeheartedly enjoy the characters' idiocy and I can't figure out the point of watching a soap where there's not one character I like or admire or at least find compelling in some way. I guess I'm just not a good TV watcher: can't get into Lost, can't get into Alias, couldn't even stick with Buffy through the bad times and the only reason I never missed an episode of Enterprise was that I had to review it. Is it a form of attention disorder to have no patience for entertainment the moment it stops gripping me, or is that healthy? There was a time when I finished every single book I ever started, and now I find that laughable too.

Since we were back at the multiplex, we took the kids to see the geese. They were around the far side of the lake, swimming and then eating the grass -- they came out of the water when they saw us as if hopeful that we might feed them. Since a lot of people here seemed to enjoy them, I thought I'd share.

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