May 27th, 2005

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Poem for Friday

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I had a very nice Thursday, relatively calm, got all my work done, bought laundry detergent and new batteries for my son's camera, didn't overeat, and introduced my kids to the wonder that is The Star Wars Pants Page -- okay, the joke is kind of old but they'd never seen it before and we had hysterical laughter filling the house for hours, as they proceeded to pants The Wizard of Oz and Enterprise and other things that to the best of my knowledge had not yet been pantsed. (I know there is a Lord of the Rings pants page and thought there was a more complete one than this one, does anyone know where?) This all started because it was time to watch The Empire Strikes Back, so that tomorrow night we can watch Return of the Jedi and have done the six in two weeks. My children have announced that they prefer CGI Yoda to Puppet Yoda, which is a great disappointment to me, but otherwise it has been enormous fun sharing this with my kids.

Before all this I had lunch with vertigo66, after which we walked around the lake near the multiplex to see the small creatures in the photos below -- in addition to the eight fluffy babies there were a whole gaggle of adolescent geese in the water, plus a great many ducks and grownup geese honking for food. I promised vertigo66 some photos for her kids so here they are. Weather does not get any more gorgeous in this area so it was a perfect day for this. We had the usual late Thursday craziness taking one son to violin while picking the other up from the late bus, then we had leftovers for dinner, but will make up for it later since it's my father's birthday Saturday and since we are going to be away, we are having a big dinner with my parents (apaulled is cooking and making German chocolate cake, I so love being married to a man who likes to cook).

There is a lovely photo of Judi Dench and Maggie Smith from The Washington Post as well as this discussion on Collapse ) And yeah, I'm still behind on comments and stuff, and that probably isn't going to be remedied till next week because we're going out of town for the weekend. Hope everyone who celebrates Memorial Day has fun plans!

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