June 2nd, 2005

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Poem for Thursday

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Had a lovely lunch with beeej but my stomach has been mad at me ever since. Cannot be coherent (not much to report anyway -- younger son had big homework projects requiring shoeboxes, Lego dioramas and cotton ball clouds; I started writing up "Where No Man Has Gone Before" after watching tonight because I have an insane day tomorrow with school honors assembly in the evening; I have decided that ldybastet and I should collaborate on The Very Worst Crackfic Ever Written; older son sent me a paper he needed printed out with a note that said, and I quote, "ive atached anuther document i need u 2 print. i hope dady gets mor blak ink sune." -- can I deny him the use of IMs, text messaging and the internet for the rest of his life?)

It has been a day when nothing I have done has been quite good enough for anyone, anyway. So instead of attempting a real entry, I shall dump a bunch of Russell Crowe Cinderella Man Squee Links promised to a certain bad influence and then go watch Russell on Charlie Rose on public television, if I can keep my head up that long. Entertainingly worshipful article at MSNBC; full version of Mirror article being excerpted everywhere as Russell saying his fighting days are over and "I cannot understand how I managed to cope without getting cuddled this many times a day"; Canoe has all the blah blah Russell wouldn't let me share his gym griping; and Postcards from the Pug Bus has a rather hilarious though totally fictional "news" story on how Crowe smells, what Zellwegger said about it and what Bettany said about it ("When I did my brilliantly eccentric turn as John Nash's invisible roommate in 'A Beautiful Mind'...On the other hand, when I turned in my vastly overlooked performance as the ship's doctor in 'Master and Commander'...")

If anyone has found photos of Christian Bale and Gerard Butler together at the Tokyo premiere of Batman Begins, will you let me and Kim know here, please? *g*

My in-laws got this wall hanging at Ten Thousand Villages, made from an old oil drum. I just love it -- the Tree of Life motif and all the birds...
little review

Get Your Laws Off My Body, Redux

I know I've said this before (and probably better), but there are a bunch of new people on my friends list, and due to some recent events I am feeling it necessary to say it again.

If you personally believe that abortion is horrifying, and you would never have one nor would you ever suggest that anyone else have one, I know exactly how you feel. Collapse )