June 8th, 2005

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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I have new shoes, thanks to gblvr who told me where they were on sale, and Bath & Body Works let me use a two-day-expired coupon and get a free beach bag with all the stuff I bought at the semiannual sale (chocolate fondue eau de toilette at half price and holiday vanilla fragrance for $2.50, yay, though they had no toasted hazelnut stuff left, waah), so I had a good day and I smell good besides. *g* The cat seems to be better although she has eaten almost nothing in two days -- not that Rosie is at all at risk of wasting away -- she spent all afternoon sleeping in the sun, moving from behind the couch to the front to follow the light, while younger son got involved in a neighborhood watergun fight from which he came home completely drenched and older son stayed late at school for the last math review session before the final.

I am very sad about Anne Bancroft being gone -- she was one of my first celebrity crushes (Annie Sullivan, not Mrs. Robinson whom I did not see until much later), and I thought she deserved another Oscar for Agnes of God. I'll have to watch G.I. Jane again, too, because in addition to Viggo I really like her and Demi in that film. But certain fans have made me embarrassed to call myself a fan of anyone this week, so I shall hold off eulogizing someone I don't know, though we both did eat in the Russian Tea Room in New York at the same time, the only time I was ever there (with my grandmother, who was thrilled beyond words to be there; Walter Cronkite was there too, at the front table). Anyway, _inbetween_ has pointed out that Russell probably only threw that phone to get a contract with Nokia Worldwide advertising mobiles -- "Get a Nokia. So you don't have to get arrested." I should have figured that he picked on De Niro and Clooney about their advertising contracts because he was jealous. *ggg*

We put on HBO's Making of 'Batman' special at 8:15 (it was quite enjoyable -- lots of Bale, not a lot of the extremely overexposed Holmes, and enough Neeson, Oldman and Watanabe to make me happy), and when HP:POA came on afterward, none of us bothered to change the channel, so we sat and watched pretty much the entire movie together before sending the kids to bed. Man, I forgot how much I love that film on its own merits; I have never understood why with so many movies, I have a catalogue of changes from a book I read first that I find unforgivable, whereas with POA, even though I can write a list of things I wish had been included from the book, the fact that they're not there does not in any way diminish the experience of the film for me. And, you know, sometimes I forget how much I love David Thewlis as Lupin.

Hmm, I am not doing a good job shutting up about fannish stuff. Oh, and a few days ago lastrega jokingly called me a BNF, and I told her that my first order of business as such -- besides recruiting minions of my own, if my mistress will allow it -- would be to kick off a "Sharpe and Tavington Should Be Naked Together" ficathon. Although I do not actually have a single bunny concerning how to make this happen, I feel quite sure that there must be someone out there who will -- c'mon, Sean Bean and Jason Isaacs in uniform, being as rough as they want. *g* (She also wants me to write Sharpe/Duncan, which ought to be possible, but I have to find out the treatment of Scots in the British army at the time...)

I went ahead and got the permanent account -- not for the icons, just for the never having to think about it again. I am taking the leap of faith that LiveJournal will still be here in five years. Hey, I paid for my domain name for five years and wondered if I was nuts at the time, and I've passed the anniversary of that. So I have 100 icons for now, which I really don't need -- 50 was always plenty -- but if anyone has any icon recommendations at the moment let me know, since I have space. *g*

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