June 14th, 2005

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Poem for Tuesday

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Had a relatively quiet day, met gblvr for what will probably be my last child-free lunch for awhile, wrote a couple of articles, folded laundry while watching Vertical Limit with the kids because we could not bear another moment of Michael Jackson coverage. (I sincerely hope that he is, in fact, not guilty of the charges, and that the poor kid is the victim of a greedy mother's scheme rather than sexual abuse -- I don't see how he's going to have a normal life at this point anyway, which is very, very sad.) My kids had not seen the film before (it's tough -- beautiful mountaineering cinematography and a couple of fine performances by actors I like but some very unrealistic elements and a high body count). Afterwards we watched the National Geographic special that I had never realized was on the DVD, and there was an interview with Rick Ridgeway, a writer and climber who wrote a book that I enjoyed very much: Below Another Sky, his account of taking the daughter of a friend who died climbing to her father's grave in Asia.

At bedtime my older son had a rash all over the right side of his body -- raised red bumps, he said they don't itch, it doesn't look like chicken pox (which he's been inoculated against) or any plant reaction I can recall...we gave him Benadryl but I hesitated to call his pediatrician so late when he didn't seem to be uncomfortable or in any distress, and now I am somewhat freaked out about this, since if it's an allergy I have no idea what it's an allergy to and if it's a virus I can't tell what kind, since he has no fever or swollen glands and appears to feel fine otherwise. (Note: reading medical web sites about what a rash might possibly be is a very good way to make oneself panic and believe it's meningitis or scarlet fever when there is absolutely no evidence of this being the case.)

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We had a thunderstorm in the late afternoon. This was the view down the street afterward.
little review

Where I Spent My Afternoon

Rosie at the vet. I will spare everyone the description of what happened to make us end up at the vet. The vet doesn't think anything is seriously wrong with her -- prescribed more wet food in her diet, gave her fluids and something to calm her stomach, found nothing on ultrasound and didn't want to do an x-ray unless she seemed worse. Cat is now whining for food, I am washing everything in my bedroom and behind on everything. :p

Younger son's brilliant suggestion: "Maybe she [the vet] could look at [older son]'s rash and give him a shot for it."