June 15th, 2005

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Poem for Wednesday

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It has not been an ideal day. In addition to the sick cat all morning and the raging thunderstorm we are getting now, my son's rash -- which had appeared to be holding steady -- took an abrupt turn for the worse in the evening and is now all over his torso and thighs. Too embarrassed to call my own pediatrician so late after I had called to ask whether he should come in earlier and concluded that he was probably all right for the last full day of school, I e-mailed photos to my oldest friend, also a pediatrician. She said it looked possible that it was either chicken pox or impetigo...in either case, he should not be around other kids. He is a little bummed about missing the very last day of school (only half a day, anyway) but he is quite upset about missing the group get-together with his friends that he and my younger son had planned for tomorrow afternoon.

So I will be home all day with a queasy cat and a sick child, except when I'm taking the child to the doctor, and I didn't even finish two articles from today due to the vet. My only "break" this evening came in the form of taking younger son to Toys R Us to exchange a gift, as I had promised him that I would do: he had to have the Darth Vader voice synthesizer. Fortunately I had a lovely lunch with beeej and perkypaduan before everything blew up or I would be very cranky right now. And beeej provided us with Michael Rosenbaum on Cribs, plus this awesome John Glover interview, so she should be credited with making my day in many ways.

I did these days ago and forgot to post them:
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krabapple was talking about how much she loves twilight, which made me remember that I had twilight photos from Hanover, above, and from in front of the middle school the night of my son's chorus recital: Collapse )

Hope everyone in California and the rest of the west coast is all right -- the news has just cut into basketball coverage with earthquake information.