June 16th, 2005

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Quotation for Thursday

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Happy Bloomsday. I couldn't find an appropriately short excerpt so I will instead link to the grand celebration: Ulysses at Online Literature, or at Bibliomania if that server is overloaded. In one of the ironies of life, I got a letter yesterday from the great-grandniece of Margaret Anderson, who published Ulysses in The Little Review in 1918 (and nearly went to jail for it). It is a thrill more than I can say to talk to someone who has been looking at photos and watercolors created by the woman in whose honor I named my web site. I know I get geeky fangirly over Louise Fletcher and Russell Crowe, but Margaret Anderson is one of the luminaries of American literature...a woman who published Eliot, Yeats, Stein, Hemingway, Emma Goldman, Andre Breton, Wyndham Lewis and James Joyce in an era when she knew she might be found guilty of indecency. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

My Wednesday horoscope could not have been more appropriate: "Here is a day that will be rather constraining. Despite your great inner aspirations, today will be marked by the necessity for realism in order to take care of the small problems that arise in everyday life. In other words, just what you love... That said, a little bit of being more down to Earth - or being in contact with the realities of the real world can never do anything but good to those born under the sign of Sagittarius." Yeah, that about says it. Older son's chicken pox seems to be fading already, but both sons were terribly frustrated that rather than having a vast neighborhood water gun fight for the last day of school, they were stuck inside, and tonight we got a phone call from his best local friend: that boy also has chicken pox. As if that wasn't enough, my sister called from New York suspecting that her eldest daughter has chicken pox. I am wondering whether the virus mutated somehow to make immunized children more susceptible to this year's strain of varicella or something, because based on what the pediatrician told me this morning (epidemic proportions in the Catholic high schools) and all these cases, it seems odd to me that kids of so many different ages and in so many different regions are coming down with it.

Rosie has gall stones and, more unnervingly, some kind of calcium deposits below her liver that the vet wants to go over with a specialist. The calcium deposits are likely not the cause of her being sick because they're not pressing on anything and she said it didn't look like any tumor she had ever seen, but her blood count was showing elevated calcium levels too so they need to do more tests. She's at home now, begging for food and attention like always, chasing Cinnamon, and before bed we must find a way to get half a pill into her via bribes or force if necessary. I dropped her off at the vet and apaulled picked her up, since I was at home with older son, and she seems to believe that I am entirely responsible for her torment as I am getting the Glare Treatment. We'll know more tomorrow.

We did end up having dinner with my parents, since the pediatrician said they should not be any more contagious after contact with our son tonight than they would be after contact with him over the weekend, and my sister called in the middle with the report of the outbreak in her household meaning we won't be blamed anyway (her daughter's school has had a number of cases). Older son wanted chicken soup, believing this to be an appropriate cure for chicken pox (isn't it for everything?) and a Jewish grandmother is required to provide this properly! At home we watched the Smallville rerun and I showed my kids some bloopers I had courtesy beeej. Then I followed a link someone had sent me to a piece of movie fan fiction and discovered a bunch of SV stories I had not read before, so I have Clex porn in my system and feel slightly better. *g*

One of my neighbors is an artist. This is what I saw as I went past her house yesterday; it made me do quite a double-take!