June 17th, 2005

little review

Poem for Friday

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More Joyce, since I did not have time to celebrate Bloomsday properly. No new developments on the cat front as there was no news from the vet, who was researching the cat's calcification build-up; no new developments on the chicken pox front except that older son's best friend also appears to have it, while my sister's daughter in New York does not -- she has fifth disease, which is apparently even less fun, being itchier.

New developments Thursday were 1) younger son pulling out braces wire, again, requiring emergency trip to orthodontist -- that's three medical/dental/veterinary disasters this week and I am declaring our quota filled; 2) in-laws came down to play, celebrate early Father's Day and have dinner because we won't see them again until we're all in Seattle for the family reunion at the end of June; 3) mother-in-law and I took younger son to violin so she could check out the music store and the hobby store next door, and meanwhile older son convinced his other grandma [my mother] to bring him and father-in-law Krispy Kreme donuts; 4) husband, father-in-law and older son decided we should all have California Tortilla for dinner, so we did; 5) I managed to write three articles during all this chaos, including three loads of laundry, plus managed to watch "The Enemy Within," which I need to review for TrekToday tomorrow, so I feel extremely accomplished.

In the hobby store we discovered that the Pirates of the American Revolution collectible ship cards were out, so since we had one sick boy and one boy with birthday money, we got us all packs. Both my sons got two United States ships, while the adults all got British, Spanish and pirate ships; younger son got the Constitution and the Enterprise, making me extremely jealous, and older son got the United States. But younger son was feeling generous, as he also got two Philadelphias, and he gave one to me. Thus we spent an early evening playing pirates, dominoes, The Return of the King mini-board game and Red Sox Championship Edition Uno, which was father-in-law's Father's Day present. Remember the Continental Gunboat Philadelphia? Well, Collapse )

We are such geeks -- feel free to stop laughing at us any time, really. We have lots of nautical celebration planned for this weekend if the weather cooperates -- Historic St. Mary's City is having its maritime heritage festival on Saturday and the Alexandria Waterfront Festival is Saturday and Sunday. So prepare for more ship posts in a couple of days!

The USS Constellation, just because I'm in the mood for her, with Mystic Warriors (whom you may remember from the Washington Folk Festival last weekend) playing in front of her.